How to Get Your Ring Resized Online

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tips on how to get your ring resized

Do you have rings that you would like to wear, but are unable because they are the wrong size? Fluctuations in weight can cause your fingers to either increase or decrease in ring size. Even a slight change can mean the difference between being able to wear a ring and not being able to. Maybe you found an old ring … Read More

How to Take Care of your Ears Post-Ear Piercing

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Taking Care of your Ears Post-Ear Piercing

You’ve made the decision to get your ears pierced in one way or another. Maybe you’re headed out to decorate your cartilage, lobes, tragus, or another spot. Regardless of where you’re piercing, there are several things to keep in mind during your ear piercing and healing process. These important tips will help to minimize the probability of any infections and … Read More

How To Determine Your Ring Size at Home

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Whether you’re ring shopping for yourself or a loved one, it is crucial to understand how ring sizing works. It is no use finding the perfect ring if it doesn’t fit. That is why we have provided this simple guide on how to check for your ring size or whoever else’s right from the comfort of your home.Getting started is … Read More

Bought Jewelry Online? Here’s How To Get It Repaired

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With 211 million Americans shopping online in 2016, it’s clear we love buying online. We like mobile, convenient, and quick. Whatever we want, we can have it at our doorstep, as early as tomorrow. Jewelry is no exception. As we become more seasoned buying online we are more comfortable purchasing our fine jewelry and watches through jewelry e-commerce sites. Jewelry … Read More