A Guide To Costume Jewelry Duplication


Costume jewelry is appealing to people for a lot of reasons; it’s affordable, it’s pretty, and it comes in a variety of dazzling designs. When a piece of costume jewelry is lost, damaged, or completely unusable due to allergic reactions, it can be a heartbreaking thing for many people. Fortunately, costume jewelry duplication is always an option. Read on to … Read More

Custom Platinum Jewelry: What You Need to Know


Platinum has become increasingly popular thanks to its heft, visual appearance, and hypoallergenic properties. However, this material does not come in an extensive variety of style options due to its value and manufacturing costs. As a result, you might be stuck on how to proceed with a particular design that you want to cast in platinum. Here’s what you need … Read More

How To Design A Custom Ring From Scratch


Custom jewelry creation is one of the most exciting things we do here at Quick Jewelry Repairs, and when we’re creating completely new items, it gets even better! Here’s how to design a custom ring from scratch.

How to Redesign Old Jewelry


If you’ve received a family heirloom or you’re going through your jewelry box, you might have thought- well, this is too old-fashioned for my taste. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to sit at the bottom of your jewelry box collecting dust- here’s how to reuse or redesign old jewelry.

3 Ways to Fix Jewelry Rash


It’s always fun to buy new jewelry, but it’s less fun when you find out that it’s giving you an allergic reaction. Unfortunately, it’s very common for people who have sensitive skin to react badly to costume jewelry- and even some fine jewelry as well! So how can you go about wearing your beloved jewelry without tossing it out or … Read More

Replacing Heirloom Jewelry: Ring Replication


Custom creation can work miracles when unfortunate events happen, like flushing your ring down a toilet, or dropping an earring through a sewer grate. This particular client lost her entire ring and only had a few blurry pictures for us to reference, but we were able to recreate it for her! Read on to learn more about how we did … Read More

How To Clean Up Your Jewelry Box


If you’ve got some spare time on your hands, it might be a good time to go through all of your shiny trinkets and see what you need to do with them! After all, jewelry’s like clothing: you might want to clean out some stuff, refurbish a few items, or even get some things repaired. Check out a few ideas … Read More

How to Make a Duplicate Hoop Earring


If you love your hoop earrings but you’ve lost one recently, we’ve got some news for you: we can duplicate them! However, don’t run off to a jeweler with your remaining earring just yet. There are a few things you need to know first. Read on to learn more about duplicating a hoop earring.