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Ring Repair and Jewelry Maintenance Terms Explained

Written by Quick Jewelry Repairs
December 24, 2016

We figured out that our customers are having difficulty figuring out what category their repair would fall into.  For example, they know that a prong is broken, but don't know the difference between getting a prong retipped vs getting a prong rebuilt.

Our goal is to make our repair types as transparent as possible for our followers.  So this week, we will be breaking down the terminology to help your repair get processed as quickly as possible.

Ring Sizing

  • Sizing up – adding metal to make a ring larger than it currently is
  • Sizing down – removing metal to make a man or woman’s ring smaller than it currently is

Spa Treatment

Stone Replacement

  • Replace diamond – either re-setting a diamond in it’s current place on a piece of jewelry or sourcing a diamond to set where one has been lost
  • Replace other stone – either re-setting any non-diamond gemstone in it’s current place on a piece of jewelry or sourcing a non-diamond gemstone to set where one has fallen out

Prong Repair

  •  Re-tip prong – repairing a small portion of a prong that has broken off
  •  Rebuild prong – repairing a full prong that has been damaged or broken off

Still have questions about our repair types? Shoot us a message!

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