5 Ways To Upgrade Your Wedding Set

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5 ways to upgrade your wedding set

The engagement and wedding rings that make up your wedding set are supposed to remind you of your special day for a lifetime. They’re tiny celebrations of joy and love that you can carry around with you everywhere you go. But that doesn’t mean they need to stay the way they were on the day you got married! There are … Read More

Redesign Inherited Jewelry: Breathe new life into pieces you’ll want to wear (Part 2)

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If you have jewelry that you’re generally fond of, but something about it isn’t quite right, there can be an uncomplicated solution at hand. There are simple ways to transform pieces from one into another, or even alter certain elements to make it feel more yours. In part one of our series on Inherited Jewelry, we discussed ways you can … Read More

A Guide to Military Ring Sizing

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Military rings are awesome pieces of jewelry that really display your pride and sense of accomplishment! However, you might need a resizing if they sent you the wrong size, or if you’ve gained or lost weight over the years. If you’re stuck with a ring you can’t wear, and you can’t send it back to the company, here’s how you … Read More

A Quick Guide To Resizing Gemstone Rings

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Sizing can be a scary process for many a ring lover because of the complicated work. After all, the ring needs to be cut open and soldered back together with heat, and all of this labor could potentially harm stones in your item. So how do you work with rings that have fragile gemstones in the design? Here’s a quick … Read More

Ring Stretching and What You Should Know

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Ring sizing can be a harrowing experience, especially if you really love the ring and you don’t want to subject it to any risks at all. While doing your research, you might have come across the term “ring stretching.” But what is it and how exactly does it differ from regular ring sizing? Here’s what you need to know.

How to Size Soldered Rings

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It’s a common practice to solder rings together, such as wedding sets. This prevents the rings from spinning around on your finger, and helps you maintain the look of the set without having to constantly adjust it. But what do you do when the rings need to be sized? Here’s how to size soldered rings.

How to Size A Hollow Ring

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Rings are very popular pieces of jewelry, but they require a little more effort than earrings and necklaces. After all, a ring has to fit perfectly or you won’t be able to wear it. So what happens when you can’t size a ring because it happens to be hollow inside? Read on to learn how to size a hollow ring.

Can You Size a Gold Plated Ring?

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Recently we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries from customers about gold-plated rings. “Can it be sized?” “Can the plating be reapplied?” The answer to both questions is “Yes!” Read on to learn how you can size a gold plated ring. What Is Gold-Plated Jewelry? Gold is an appealing color, but the price of solid gold jewelry isn’t as appealing … Read More