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Shopping for Etsy Rings: A Step by Step Guide

Written by Anna Currell
December 13, 2022

Shopping for jewelry online has changed the game; instead of going into a physical store to find what you’re looking for, you can do it from the comfort of your couch. With online shops like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy, you can browse endlessly and you never have to settle for jewelry you’re not 100% in love with. The only issue? You can’t try the ring on or inspect it yourself. To avoid the ping pong game of shopping online and having to return jewelry that’s not quite right, here’s a step-by-step guide to shopping for Etsy rings

Step #1: Find Your Ring Size

Before you even begin to search for Etsy jewelry, your very first step should be to find your ring size. One way to determine the best ring size for you is to wrap a string around your finger where you’d like the ring to sit, and then measure the length of the string. To get the best results and find the perfect Etsy rings, take a look at our ring sizing tutorial:

Step #2: Search for Etsy Jewelry that Suits Your Style

Spend some time thinking about your look. How would you describe your style or the style of jewelry you want? For example, you might be looking for minimalist, eclectic, sentimental, or edgy pieces. One of the best things about the internet is how well it can predict what you’re looking for with just a quick search. For example, searching for a “dainty moonstone ring” will lead to pages and pages of options. It may seem like a highly specific thing to search for, but you’ll find all kinds of shapes, materials, and prices to choose from. Refine your search as you shop, noting which qualities you love and which you’d rather skip. 

Step #3: Browse Your Etsy Rings Options & Make a List 

When you’ve settled on the kind of ring you’re looking for, try to narrow down your options even further. Etsy is a vast and beautiful place; you can find all sorts of great rings. Make a shortlist of your favorites by focusing on the overall look of each piece — don’t worry about details like size, metal, or gemstones. If you find the most perfect ring you’ve ever imagined but it comes in silver and all your jewelry is yellow gold, add it to the list! (Don’t panic; we’ll explain in step five.)

Step #4: Find Your Piece

Once you’ve narrowed down your list, take a look at your top contenders. It’s a good idea to get as close to your true ring size as possible, but don’t sweat the other details too much. Instead, focus on craftsmanship and design. Does the ring have the vibe, style, and overall look you’re going for? Do you have to have it, even though it’s not the perfect color? Focus on the values you appreciate in a ring, the characteristics that make it perfect for you. Then, add it to your cart and wait by your mailbox! 

Step #5: Get Your Etsy Jewelry Adjusted

Once you get your ring from the Etsy seller, there’s a simple solution to anything that isn’t quite right. As long as you love the piece, or even just love one element of it, you can always get your ring adjusted and customized by a professional jeweler. How about rhodium-plating a yellow gold ring to match your silver-toned collection, or replacing the onyx gemstone you bought with your grandmother’s prized sapphire? Adjustments are always on the table when you buy an Etsy ring or shop online.


This eternity band was sized down one size by taking out one stone.

Ring sizing is tricky and often inconsistent; since many brands don’t produce half sizes, getting the right fit often means taking the extra (super helpful) step of having your piece adjusted. When you fall in love with an Etsy ring that isn’t available in your size or doesn’t fit how you thought it would, send it in for a quick repair and you’ll be wearing your new, beautiful, perfectly sized ring in no time.

In addition to replating, resizing, and gemstone replacement, there are all kinds of customizations that can help you get what you’re looking for. Quick Jewelry Repairs’ team of expert jewelers would be thrilled to personalize your ring with a unique engraving or solder your ring to another piece in your collection for easy tandem wear. And if Etsy has given you a lot of inspiration but you’re still not finding your dream ring, design your own custom creation with our bespoke jewelry program. Schedule a jewelry concierge consultation today to get started.

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