Starts from $10.00+

If you’ve lost a side stone on your favorite ring, or want to swap an emerald out for a ruby, choose this service. Simply give us the details on what you want; we’re more than capable when it comes to replacing the center diamond stone of your engagement ring, or sourcing the gem of your dreams. Depending on the replacement and work needed, we’ll provide you with a price estimate for your order.

Place Your Order Instantly

Save the trip to the jeweler. Get started in 3 minutes or less. Select the service you need then customize your details and upload an image of your jewelry.

Fast Round Trip Shipping

We provide two shipping options via FedEx that cover the round trip (first to us then back to you). We ship back most repairs within 1 business day.

Peace of Mind

You are in good hands even before your jewelry gets to us. Every repair is insured by Lloyd's of London for up to $250k during shipping and $1M when its being worked on at our repair center.