3 Ways to Fix Jewelry Rash


It’s always fun to buy new jewelry, but it’s less fun when you find out that it’s giving you an allergic reaction. Unfortunately, it’s very common for people who have sensitive skin to react badly to costume jewelry- and even some fine jewelry as well! So how can you go about wearing your beloved jewelry without tossing it out or … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Replating Silver Costume Jewelry


Costume jewelry is a nice way to get an affordable piece of bling…until it starts losing its color from all that wear. In order to get it looking nice and bright again, you’ll have to get it plated- but that’s not too easy to do when your jewelry is silver colored! Learn more about how to replate silver costume jewelry … Read More

Why You Need to Replate White Gold


You might be thinking to yourself; “What? My white gold jewelry is solid gold, why do I have to plate it in anything?” Well, that’s a good question. Take a good long look at your white gold pieces, especially your rings. Are they looking a bit yellow? If they are, then it’s worth your time to read up on why … Read More

Black Rhodium: What Is It?

It’s a gothic trend, but people are loving the gunmetal look of certain pieces of jewelry from high-end designers. The black background color of the metal seems to make diamonds sparkle even stronger, and there’s an aesthetic punch when paired with colored stones. But what exactly is this stuff? Read on to learn more about black rhodium and how to … Read More

What is Rhodium Plating?


You’re shopping online, just browsing through jewelry, and the term “rhodium plating” catches your eye. What is that? And why is it over metals like white gold and sterling silver? These are questions that we’re ready to answer below.