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Everything You Need to Know About Replating Silver Costume Jewelry

Written by Annabelle
November 20, 2019

Costume jewelry is a nice way to get an affordable piece of bling…until it starts losing its color from all that wear. In order to get it looking nice and bright again, you’ll have to get it plated- but that’s not too easy to do when your jewelry is silver colored! Learn more about how to replate silver costume jewelry here.

Why Is My Costume Jewelry Changing Color?


This costume pendant is clearly showing signs of tarnishing and rust.

Costume jewelry, unlike fine jewelry, is usually made from a very cheap metal such as copper, brass, bronze, or even a mixture of metals. These metals are not like gold and platinum- they’ll tarnish and turn colors over time, like black, rust, or even green. To make the appearance of these metals look better, manufacturers will plate on top of these metals with a thin layer of fine metal, such as gold. This gives the jewelry its nice shiny color and allows the manufacturer to sell the pieces as “gold-plated” or “silver-plated.”

Naturally, over time this plating will come off. Think of it like paint being rubbed off a wooden bench that’s been sitting outside; the daily wear and tear your jewelry sustains will remove the plating. Unlike paint, however, reapplying this plating is not as easy.

Overseas manufacturers who make costume jewelry have the technical capabilities to plate on top of these cheap metals. Regular jewelers who normally deal with fine jewelry often refuse to replate costume jewelry, as they do not have the chemical experience involved with plating copper, brass, bronze, or mass production alloys. In addition, these cheap metals will contaminate any tank that is used to plate fine metals such as sterling silver, causing a costume jewelry job to be far too risky for the average jeweler. 

So now you might be wondering; well, how do I replate silver costume jewelry if I want to get it looking nice again? There is a solution.

Rhodium Plating on Costume Jewelry


A costume jewelry bracelet before and after rhodium plating.

In order to give jewelry that bright and silver-colored aesthetic, many jewelers and manufacturers use rhodium plating. Rhodium is a precious metal that is used to make white gold and silver extra shiny; in fact, it’s standard to treat white gold with rhodium plating in order to make sure it’s the right color. 

What you need to know is that rhodium plating is even trickier than gold plating in terms of chemical compatibility. In short, it’s harder to make something silver than yellow in color if the base metal is something strange, such as copper or brass.

In order to rhodium plate costume jewelry, the jeweler needs to remove any existing plating on the piece and polish it to a high shine. Any stones such as rhinestones or crystals are unset if possible, to avoid any damage to the gems and to prevent any glue from contaminating the plating tank. 

If the metal is atypical, the jeweler will first plate the item in either nickel or palladium metal. These metals are used as a preliminary coating for two reasons. One, it helps to deter the natural tarnishing from the base metal from seeping through the plating. Two, it makes the item more chemically compatible to the rhodium plating process.

Once the item has been treated, the jeweler then puts the item into the rhodium plating tank, and removes it once the item has successfully taken to the plating process. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Replating Silver Costume Jewelry

Not all metals are created equal, and that will affect the plating process. Some metals are impossible to plate without the right procedure and equipment, so if your costume jewelry is made from something like zinc, you probably won’t find someone near you who will take on that job. That being said, you can always consider custom creation if plating is not an option and you genuinely love the piece for design or sentimental reasons. We always tell our clients that it’s a better long term investment to duplicate a piece in silver or white gold to avoid replating.


On the left is the original costume jewelry ring, on the right is a duplicate in white gold.

The Cost and Turnaround Time for Rhodium Plating

This depends on the size of the item and any necessary pre-plating treatment, but rhodium plating typically starts at $35. Turnaround time ranges from 2-7 days, based on what needs to be done to the piece.

Now you’re all set on how to replate silver costume jewelry! If you have something that needs to be done, comment below and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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Kenneth Caron

I have a brooch from the 50-60’s that lost a stone and the mount needs silver rhodium. Can you help

Ellen Eva Tiernan

Hi, my Vivienne Westwood bracelet (brass) has gone rusty. What can I do to replate it?

Karen Reed

Will a piece of jewelry made of
a mix of steel and brass with silver dipped plating
finish: high polish
lobster clasp closure
box chain
stamped curb chain?

Karen Reed

Will a piece of jewelry made of
a mix of steel and brass with silver dipped plating
finish: high polish
lobster clasp closure
box chain
stamped curb chain
change colors on me. It is sold for $115.00. I do not want to receive this if it will change colors.

Jane Althoff

I have a cross necklace that need silver plating and a few stones replaced. I love this piece ca you help me?
Thank you


Hi Jane, we can definitely help you with that! If you could send a picture to [email protected], that would be great. We can give more information that way!

Hannah Stanley

I have a knock-off Vivienne Westwood armor ring that has lost quite a bit of silver-y plating. I would like to have it replated, but I’m not sure what was used on it before – and since it’s the armor ring, it’s more complicated than a typical ring. Is there a way to repair it?


Hi Hannah, please email us a few pictures of your piece to [email protected] for further assistance!

Lila Kari

I have a ring that is meaningful to me, and that needs replating (rhodium or silver). Would you be able to do it, and what is the cost? We live in Waterloo, ON.




Hi There, thank you for reaching out! We can definitely re-plate this for you. Rhodium plating starts around $44. Here is a link to place an order.

Please note, if you are outside of the U.S. you are responsible for shipping to our facility!

Barbra White

It is interesting to note the cheap metals are necessary to be able to give strength to 14kt gold or sterling silver .925. Those metals are preferably copper but sometimes zinc is used. this is why some people cannot wear precious or noble metals because they are many time allergic to the copper. Good costume jewelry has a thicker plating and will last decades. Much of the”cheaper” items are played abroad with “flash” plating which does not last long at all. We always use playing companies out of Rhode Island as most jewelry designers do. They are the best for… Read more »

Jayla Schultes

I have a toe ring that my husband have me that is costume jewelry and it’s changed color. He just died and I would like it to be recovered in the silver rhodium if possible.


Hi there, you can use this link to place an order for this service! Let us know if you have any other questions. 🙂

Tracey Jones

I have an old bracelet that belong to my grandmother. I wanted to frame it in a shadow box, but want to clean it up first. I already tried silver polish and it actually looks worse rather than better. Can you help? How much?


Hi there, please use this link to place an order for jewelry polishing, prices are listed on this page as well!

Andrea Carpenter

The same thing happened to me. I have a similar bracelet that was my grandmas and cleaning made it look worse.


Hi I have a Rogers spoon ring I’d be interested in plating!


Hi there, please send us a picture to our email [email protected] for further assistance!

Sandra Lamont

I have a copper bracelet that needs resilvering. Can you do that?


Hi Sandra, Yes we can! We actually plate in rhodium for the same coloring effect. You can use this link if you’d like to move forward with our services! Please let me know if you need further assistance. 🙂

Courtney Smith

Hi there! I have a pair of silver hoop earrings that have turned a tarnished/red color. Can you help with this? Thanks!


Hi There, yes we can! Could you please provide a picture of their current state?

Lynn Hilson

Who in the Jackson, MS area does rhodium plating?


Hi there, we can help you with that service! Here’s a link to place an order with us

mike Sommers

I have a mens silver chain that I screwed up and “cleaned” most of the silver layer off… I love this chain but want it back to shiny silver (or rhodium silver)


Hi Mike, you can use this link to place an order for rhodium plating. This will help restore your chain! 🙂

mike Sommers

what is the thickness of the plating you add?


Anywhere between half to 1 micron!

Brittany D Dunn

I have a silver plated necklace that I would love rhodium plating as this necklace holds sentimental value.


Hi there, here’s a link for rhodium plating!


Where are you located?


Hi there, we are located in New York City but have a mail-in service available for out of state and international customers! 🙂


Hi! Are there any reputable places I can send a bulky but lovely necklace to have re-plated? Would I be better off doing it myself? If so, please recommend a product.


Hi Sharon, we actually gold plate and rhodium plate pieces! Can you please email [email protected] for further assistance?


I have a large plated chain necklace that needs to be replated


Hi Pattie, someone we’ll reach out with further details shortly

Ramona Meservey

My piece is a circle approximately 2 inches across with engraving all around on the flattened surface.

Robin L Thomas

My husband passed in July. The last thing he gave me was a silver cross that is costume jewelry. I want to have it dipped in silver so I can keep it forever. Will Rhodium last as long. Where can I go this done.


Hi Robin, we’ll reach out via email with detail on our rhodium plating service!


Hello. I have my moms costume ring that she had on when she passed. It means the world to me but is discolored. I’d like to get it dipped in silver so it won’t tarnish. Is this possible?


Hi Melissa, we’ll reach out to request photos via email! 🙂


I have silver fern (part of necklace) that needs rhodium plating, 85mm x 30mm. Thank you


Hi Irene, We have reached out via email with further details!


I have a bracket that need treatment and lots of love 🥲


Hi There, we’ll reach out via email with further details!

Shelly Cranford

I love this necklace and want to replace it because it has changed colors in a couple of places.


Hi Shelly, we’ll reach out via email to request some photos!

Jaime K Simpson

I have a beautiful costume ring piece which I get comments on all the time. The plating is stripping. Anything you can do to remedy it? I cannot have any nickel in the plating.


Hi Jaime, we’ll reach out via email with further details!

Elka Harms

Can I as a private person buy rhodium myself and just dip my earrings in it?

Kristen Martin

I have a ring that I love that tarnished and needs to be silver again.


We’d love to assist with this! I’ve followed up with next steps via email 🙂


I have a ring that I absolutely love that’s loosing its silver plating and I was wondering where I go to have this done?


We can do it here! I’ve followed up with additional details via email 🙂

Sharon Davis

Hi there. I have a vintage Tiffany and Co silver plated cuff style bracelet. It has worn on most of the inside and is starting to wear off the edges. It looks to me like brass underneath but I’m no expert. I absolutely love it and I would like to keep it. If I send a pic, could you please let me know what you think and a rough price estimate to make it look silver again. PS I don’t particularly mind if it’s not high shine as long as it doesn’t look like I’ve bought it from an opp… Read more »


Hi Sharon, we should definitely be able to help with this – I’ve followed up directly via email 🙂

Lisa caryl

My gold Alex and ani bracelet is tarnished. How much is it to restore the finish ?


Great question, we should be able to assist with our polishing service – I’ve followed up directly via email 🙂


I have a silver onyx squash blossom necklace that lost it ms shine. The bracelet and ring that matches it and they’re good. But the necklace is almost impossible to keep its shine and I’d like to have it replated.


We’d love to help with this! I’ve followed up directly via email 🙂


I have a 35 inches long, Gucci link. What would it cost to get plated? Thanks for your time.


Depends on the metal! I’ve followed up via email to assist with your inquiry 🙂

Craig Boyd

My mom passed and I have a ring of hers that I was wearing on a necklace but now the silver plating has rubbed off and its showing either copper or brass underneath. Can you guys repair it for me?

Ron Diaz

Hi, Craig! We followed up with the next steps via email to have your mom’s ring replated 🙂

Mechille South

I have a piece I would like plated, my email is [email protected]

Ron Diaz

Hi, Mechille! We replied to your comment via email 🙂


I’d like to have a bracelet replated please

Ron Diaz

Hi, Noreen! We replied to your comment via email 🙂


I have a pendant that has a shaped coin with a silver bracket (to make it into a pendant). I think the coin is nickel-plated, but am not certain. But it’s starting to tarnish and I wondered if it can be silver plated, and if so how much it would cost?

Ron Diaz

Hi, Eli. We replied to your comment via email 🙂


I need help! I messed up my wife’s ring and need to make it right.

Ron Diaz

Hi, James. We replied to your comment via email 🙂


Hi, I have a Vivienne Westwood necklace that has gotten rusty and is missing a few crystals. Would you be able to help me?


Hi Daniel, Happy to help! We’ve reached out via email with further details.


HI I have a Vivienne Westwood necklace I want to get replated.

Ron Diaz

Hi, Daniel! We replied to your comment via email 🙂

Bonnie Witowski

I have a Brighton Illinois charm bracelet I need spruced up. Can you help?


Hi Bonnie, Happy to help! We’ve reached out via email with further details.


I have a pair of brand new gold plate earrings, but I would love to have them plated in silver. Is that possible? They have never been worn- I loved the earrings but yellow metals just aren’t my aesthetic.

Ron Diaz

Hi Deb, thank you so much for your comment! We’d love to help you out. I reached out via email to assist you further 🙂

marcia musiak

I have a pair of Greek key earrings that are very dear to me, A gift from my late grandson. Can you help, they have blackened it just breaks my heart.

Ron Diaz

Hi Marcia, thank you so much for your comment! We’d love to help you with your earrings. I reached out via email to assist you further 🙂


I have a pair of hoop earrings I would like dipped in sterrlng

Ron Diaz

Hi Charlene, thank you for your comment! We’d love to help you with your hoop earrings. I followed up via email with the next steps 🙂