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Which Men’s Jewelry Style Is Best for You?

Written by Annabelle
September 26, 2018

5 Types of Men's Jewelry

When people think of men’s jewelry, they don’t really take into consideration that there’s an actual variety of styles. Most people assume that it’s all minimalism, stainless steel, and leather. But that’s not true; there are different kinds of men’s jewelry, ranging from simple to extravagant. Read on to find out what style best represents you!

Wild West


This dog tag was rhodium-plated to give it a white gold aesthetic.

The current style that’s “in” thanks to this year’s NYFW. Designers such as Valentino and Louis Vuitton are all for the silver and leather look, characterized by distinctive hand-wrought metal work, line detailing, and turquoise. People who gravitate towards this look tend to enjoy the vintage, rugged feel this jewelry evokes. It definitely lends a certain John Wayne-type of manliness to the wearer!



This skull ring is made from stainless steel.

Not for the faint of heart, this style employs edgy pieces and liberal usage of gunmetal coloration to achieve its striking aesthetic. There’s a spectrum for punk jewelry as well; some pieces are more discreet, like nail stud earrings, while others are large statement pieces. Individuals who favor this style are confident people who could care less about what other people think; they love expressing themselves and drawing attention. 



This beautiful signet ring was probably hand-engraved with the owner's initials.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have a ring that was passed down from your great-great-great grandfather; it just means you have one signature piece that looks like it was in the family for a while! Common pieces include signet rings (which can be custom-made online!), crucifixes, and medallions. Jewelry retailer Alex and Ani specializes in making simple, self-expressive talismans that also fit this aesthetic. Men who utilize this style are often unwavering when it comes to fashion- they have one distinct look, and they’re sticking to it because they know it works like a charm.



Often combined with the Wild West aesthetic to create a hippie-inspired look, boho men’s jewelry also employs a lot of silver and turquoise. However, it has less of a specific, regional look, and more of a well-traveled vibe than the Wild West style. Boho jewelry can come in many forms, such as beaded bracelets, amulets, and cultural icons. It often crosses over into religious jewelry as well, making it a perfect choice for the man who wants to exude spirituality and experience.

Clean Minimalism


This stainless steel ring is coated in black.

The most common and versatile type of men’s jewelry, minimalism remains a fan favorite in men’s fashion. You can’t beat a simple, stainless steel bracelet (possibly with personal engraving!) or an oxidized ring with an elegant matte finish. This is such a great look because it gives a touch of sophistication without overpowering the rest of the outfit, making it perfect for men who enjoy effortless style.

After outlining these different categories of men’s jewelry, it’s pretty evident that the “jewelry makes the man!” Jewelry is powerful because it can make you feel strong and confident in your own skin. Which style is the best for expressing you?

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