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7 Unique Jewelry Gift Ideas For The Holidays

Written by Annabelle
December 14, 2018

It’s the best time of the year because of presents! It’s also the worst time of the year because we have to buy presents. I mean, what does Aunt Jen want anyway? Can we just keep giving her wool scarves?

If you’re having thoughts like that for everyone on your list, back up a minute. We’ve come up with some great jewelry gift ideas for this season! These gifts will make you seem like the most thoughtful and attentive person on the planet, because you'll show them that you care.  Read on to learn more about these ideas.

7 Unique Gift Ideas

  • Ring Engraving: Add a memorable engraving to a pretty gift! For our customers we’ve engraved rings, bracelets, pendants, and even non-jewelry items such as flasks and picture frames. We don’t limit ourselves here at QJR, so neither should you when it comes to engraving a gift for that special someone!
jewelry-gift engraving

Emi Conner ring with engraving

  • Earring duplication: The most considerate type of gift, because it shows you’ve really been thinking about this person. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than someone losing one half of a beloved pair of earrings, and nothing more miraculous than a skilled jeweler recreating the missing half to make a whole earring pair. Even if it’s one teeny tiny stud, the individual receiving the gift is going to be very impressed, both with the item and your attention to detail.
jewelry-gift earrings

A triangle earring that was duplicated into a full pair

  • Custom Creations: Aside from recreating lost items, one of the greatest things about QJR is that we have the in-house capability to create custom pieces. You might have some special design in mind that you know the person will absolutely love, but you're not too sure about how to make it. Get in touch with us and we can walk you through the custom order process! Here's a look at one piece we did for one customer:

A custom order ring set with a hexagonal white sapphire

  • Ring Sizing and Resizing: If you’re getting a ring for someone who loves finger bling, you should at least make sure it'll fit. Once you've done your sneaky detective work to get their size (“Hey, I'm a size 6, let me see if my ring fits on your finger!”) send the gift to us and we'll get you that perfect size. Imagine their amazement when they open the gift and slide it onto their hand without struggling. 
jewelry-gift ring-resizing

Rainbow ring that went from a size 5.75 to a 6.25

  • Necklace Shortening and Extending: Some people are very particular about the length of their necklace. You might have picked out something you know they’d like, but you know they won't wear anything that doesn't hit the collarbones. We'll have you sorted out in no time with a quick adjustment
jewelry-gift necklace

“H” necklace that was shortened to exactly 15 inches

  • Watch Band Adjustment: You got the perfect watch for your friend; the only issue is that the band is too long. No problem! Get it adjusted with us in time for the holidays and it'll be a perfect fit. jewelry-gift watch-band
  • General Jewelry Repairs: Aside from the previous options, we offer a variety of other jewelry repair services. If you’re a thoughtful gift-giver, show your loved one you’ve been listening by getting their precious jewelry fixed!
    jewelry-gift jewelry-repair

We get it- it can be hard to choose something for other people. That’s why we offer so many services that are open to personalization and customization. If you’re really feeling some of these options, get started by telling us what you need via the form below, and a representative will be in touch with you shortly to help you place your order. 

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