5 Ways To Upgrade Your Wedding Set

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5 ways to upgrade your wedding set

The engagement and wedding rings that make up your wedding set are supposed to remind you of your special day for a lifetime. They’re tiny celebrations of joy and love that you can carry around with you everywhere you go. But that doesn’t mean they need to stay the way they were on the day you got married! There are … Read More

4 Common Signs it’s Time to Get Your Jewelry Fixed

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We all want our jewelry to last as long as possible. A big part of ensuring it does is finding a reliable repair specialist and taking getting your getting your jewelry fixed when the need arises. In theory, this sounds simple. In practice, knowing when exactly the right time to seek out professional help is a little harder.  The key … Read More

A Guide to Pavé Jewelry Repair

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Pavé is the fancy French term for tiny stones that are set close together in order to create a beautiful, gem-studded aesthetic. However, this level of detailing in jewelry isn’t without its cons as well. Read on to learn more about pavé jewelry repair.

What Is Moissanite and Why Should You Consider This Gemstone?

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nyc-diamond-district moissanite ring

In recent years, new stones have flooded the market as scientists become increasingly more creative about minerals they can manufacture in the lab. Some of these stones include synthetic gemstones and lab-created diamonds, as well as other more affordable alternatives to diamonds such as cubic zirconia and moissanite. But what exactly is moissanite and why is it becoming so popular? … Read More

How to Repair a Damaged Gemstone

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A damaged gemstone is no fun to look at- the visible scratches, chips, or scuffing can be a real pain in the side for a jewelry lover. Fortunately, there are ways to repair the gem and get it back to its original sparkly and shiny condition. Read on to learn how to repair a damaged gemstone.

Stone Sourcing: How To Replace A Gem

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When you’ve lost a gemstone, it can be hard to even look at your jewelry’s empty setting. Fortunately, you can get it replaced by going to an experienced jeweler who can provide stone sourcing and setting services. Here’s how to replace a gem via stone sourcing.

How to Buy Loose Stones Yourself

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If you’ve always prided yourself on being a DIY person with an eye for detail, chances are you’ve thought about modifying your jewelry or creating your own jewelry with a unique stone. But in this confusing, hard-to-navigate world of jewelry, how do you get your hands on loose gemstones and diamonds? Here’s how to buy loose stones.