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Holiday Gift Guide & Shipping Deadlines 2023

Written by Anna Currell
November 6, 2023

It’s already time to get excited for the holiday season! Have you made your shopping list yet? If you haven’t, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll walk you through five jewelry repair services you can give loved ones to help them level up their jewelry collections. Let’s dive in!

Jewelry Repair Gift Ideas

A meaningful gift doesn’t have to be something new. In fact, the best kind of gift is one that shows how much you think about the people you care about and helps them cross something off their to-do list. Here are some jewelry repair and upgrade ideas for your loved ones:

#1: Gemstone Replacement

Gemstones are often the most alluring and special part of a piece of jewelry. They can be really meaningful and they’re stunning to look at — when they’re in great shape. If someone you love has a piece of jewelry with a cracked, chipped, or missing gemstone, ask if you can give them a hand with a gemstone replacement. Getting a new gemstone can be a great way to restore something special. Gemstone replacement is also a great idea for an upgrade even if there isn’t anything wrong with the stone; if your partner’s engagement ring could use a nicer diamond, for example, the holidays are a great time to get them a new one. Or maybe your mom wants a sapphire pendant in place of the opal one she’s worn for years. Here’s your opportunity to make it happen!


Aquamarine gemstone replacement

#2: Jewelry and Watch Engraving

Make an already beloved piece of jewelry even more special by adding an engraved message. You can etch a phrase, date, or name on the inside of a ring for a meaningful upgrade, or on the back of a beloved pendant. Engrave your family’s favorite phrase on your dad’s family heirloom watch, or engrave your partner’s favorite necklace pendant with your anniversary date to make their dreams come to life. Decide on the font and phrasing together to make the gift even more personal and special. 


#3: Ring Resizing

Does someone you love have a ring sitting in their jewelry box that’s the wrong size? It’s frustrating to not be able to wear a piece of jewelry you love because it doesn’t fit, and solving that problem can be a lovely gift. Cross this to-do off their list so they can get back to wearing their ring again. Just be sure to ask them their correct size first!


A beautiful two-tone ring we resized

#4: Clasp Replacement

A broken or finicky clasp on a necklace, bracelet, or anklet is not only annoying, it’s also risky. With a faulty clasp, you might not want to wear your jewelry at all for fear of losing it. Treat someone you love to peace of mind in the form of a new clasp. This is also a great option for someone who struggles to open and close the clasp on their jewelry; some types, like spring or lobster clasps, are too small and tricky for swollen fingers or stiff joints from injuries or arthritis, for example. If your grandmother has difficulty managing the clasp on her favorite bracelet, gift her a new one she can easily take on and off. Replacing it with a screw or magnetic clasp can make it easier for someone you love to put on their favorite pieces (and they’ll think of you each time they do). 


#5: Gold Plating

Gold plating older or antique pieces is the ultimate spruce up. Not only does gold plating provide a beautiful luster, but it also protects jewelry from scratches and dings. Does someone you love wear a pendant necklace so often that it needs a little bit of brightening up? Gold plating will do the trick. And it doesn’t stop at jewelry. Belt buckles, dog tags, musical instruments… There are all kinds of things that we can gold plate. Unsure about getting an object gold plated? Don’t hesitate to ask our team!


this silver ring has been gold plated

Holiday Promo Code

Looking for an even better way to do your Black Friday shopping? Use our limited promo code BLINGFRIDAY for 25% off your entire order. Enter the discount code at checkout – it’s our gift to you this season! 

Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Want to give your loved ones the gift of restored jewelry? Make sure you have their blessing and any instructions you need, and then send their piece to our team so we can bring it to life. Drop off your package at FedEx* by the dates below so that you can get your items back in time for the holidays. 

Please note that any orders that include gold plating, watch repairs, enamel repair, appraisals, or stone replacement must be placed by Black Friday (11/24/2023) to guarantee enough time to complete them before the holidays. We highly recommend selecting Priority Overnight shipping at checkout, as this will ensure that we can receive, repair, and return your completed items to you as quickly as possible.

Here are the deadlines you need to meet to make sure you get your jewelry gifts back before the holidays:


Repair Service Shipping Deadline to QJR
Gold Plating November 24, 2023
Watch Repairs November 24, 2023
Stone Replacement November 24, 2023
Appraisals November 24, 2023
Enamel Repair November 24, 2023
Restring December 01, 2023
Clasp Repair & Replacement December 01, 2023
Ring Resizing December 01, 2023
Ring Shank Repair December 01, 2023
Prong Repairs December 01, 2023
Engraving December 08, 2023
Rhodium Plating December 08, 2023
Chain Soldering December 08, 2023
Jewelry Spa Service December 08, 2023
Stone Resetting & Tightening December 08, 2023


Please note that repair times may vary depending on the item once we receive and evaluate it in our facility. Factors such as extent of damage, sourcing time for components, and metal type may extend the repair time beyond the expected completion date.

Stone replacements for melee diamonds and cubic zirconia can be done the same day. Please expect colored stones and large diamonds to take at least two weeks depending on the size, type, and the cutting labor required.

*FedEx will be open on Black Friday; please check your local FedEx facility or drop box to see holiday schedules.

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