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What’s the Cost of a Cracked Ring Repair?

Written by Annabelle
June 27, 2019

Cracked rings are ominous and scary. It's one thing if your ring doesn't fit properly, but a cracked ring means a ring with a compromised structure. But how do you even go about getting this repaired? And how much would this cracked ring repair cost? Read on to find out more.

What Causes a Ring to Crack?


This white gold ring has a hairline crack next to the metal stamp.

Contrary to popular belief, metal isn't always strong and durable. Rings are the most damage-prone type of jewelry since they're worn on your hands, and constantly come into contact with other surfaces on a daily basis. Over time, wear and tear will break down the integrity of your ring.

Manufacturing can also be a reason as to why your ring is experiencing cracking. Jewelry making is similar to baking; if the consistency of the metal is bad, and the casting is poorly done, those mistakes will affect the structure of your ring. Cracks can come through as a result of bad casting and porosity, which are tiny air bubbles that were trapped in the metal.

Prior resizing work, if performed by an amateur, can also contribute to ring cracking. After all, the resizing process involves cutting into a ring, adding or removing metal, and bending it back into shape. Any stage of the resizing process could have been done incorrectly, weakening your ring at the area of work.

Finally, the most obvious reason is when you have to get your ring cut off at the emergency room or the jeweler's. If it's too tight and you're dangerously close to losing blood circulation, a quick snip and your ring will have a large cut in the band.

Determining the Cracked Ring Repair Cost

The cracked ring repair cost is dependent on several factors. These include metal type, extent of damage, and other labor and materials.


This antique gold ring had quite a crack at the back, but the shank remained mostly intact.

  • Metal Type: The type of metal greatly affects the repair cost. Sterling silver is very cheap and easy to mend, whereas gold and platinum are comparatively more expensive because they require the matching type of wire or solder that contains gold or platinum content. In addition, platinum is more difficult to work with, and this adds to labor cost.
  • Extent of Damage: The damage is the main factor that determines the cracked ring repair cost. If it's a minor fracture, it's a relatively quick fix with solder at a starting price of $35. If it's an actual cut, it'll be $45 and upwards. Finally, if the jeweler notices that the ring's entire metal structure is failing (usually from casting issues) they may recommend a half or full-shank replacement, in which the ring receives a completely new band. This is an expensive but worthwhile repair, and it starts at a minimum of $120.
  • Labor and Materials: This varies from ring to ring, as the repair is affected by the ring's design and work needed. For a simple crack, a bit of metal solder is all that's necessary. However, a full or half-shank replacement will need a new band. That metal weight will be included in the price, as it is a component that is required for the repair. In rare cases, sometimes stones may need to be unset and reset in order to avoid any damage that may occur during repair. The labor for that will also be integrated into the overall cracked ring repair cost.

How Does the Repair Work?

For small visual cracks, the jeweler will simply patch it. Larger shank cut repairs work the same way as a ring resizing; the area will be filled in with metal and soldered shut.

Full and half-shank replacements, however, are more complicated. The jeweler first has to source a shank, or band, that is of the same metal and same width. They then cut into the ring and remove the portion that is too weak or compromised to sustain daily wear. After that, the new shank is cut down to match that area, and affixed to the rest of the ring to create a seamless and sturdy piece.


A ring before and after half-shank replacement. Note the difference in thickness.

Half Shank Ring Repair Cost

A half shank ring repair cost depends on the type of metal, the thickness, and the assembly work needed. Expect a sterling silver half shank to start at $60 for a minimum of a 3mm width, and a corresponding 50% increase in price for gold. The thicker the shank, the more expensive it gets.

Full Shank Replacement Cost

For calculating the full shank replacement cost, take into account that this is basically replacing the entire half of your ring. Again, metal, width, and labor will factor into the final price. A gold full shank replacement will start at $180 and go up with karat content and width.

Now you'll be able to figure out an approximate cracked ring repair cost! If you've got something that needs to be fixed, check out our ring shank repair service.


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