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Ring Sizing Chart and Different Ring Sizing Methods

Written by Chiara
May 29, 2018

Buying a ring for yourself or for someone else can be a lot of fun! Ring sizing can be a big hassle however, especially if you get it wrong.

There are so many options online on how to size your ring (or ring finger) these days, and it’s natural to have questions like; “Who do I listen to? Which method is the most accurate?”

These are all completely acceptable questions and here at Quick Jewelry Repairs we answer them everyday! With this article, we’ll show why some ring sizing methods may not be as reliable as you might think.

The Circle Method of Ring Sizing


The circle method seems like an easy ring sizer; it involves printing out a online ring sizing chart like the one pictured above, and putting a ring that fits on the paper to see which size it matches.

Upon trying out the circle method, we found out that there are too many unknown factors that will affect what size you end up with.

Possible issues:

  • Simply printing the sizing chart on the wrong size piece of paper which will affect what size the circles are on the paper
  • Different vantage points can lead to different sizes for the same ring
  • The question of whether the circle corresponds with the inside or outside of the ring

Our Take:

FAIL- This ring sizing method did NOT pass our standards due to the consistently inaccurate results which will mislead you when you're trying to figure out your ring size!


The Mandrel Method of ring sizing


Another ring sizing method that many jewelers recommend is to print the online ring sizing chart diagram shown above and wrap it around your finger to determine your ring size. The name is based on the ring sizer mandrel, which is the cylindrical tool jewelers use to measure a ring’s size. Unfortunately, this diagram is much less accurate than the actual tool.

Possible Issues:

  • Difficult to maneuver without ripping the paper
  • Difficulty to measure your ring size accurately by yourself
  • Similar printing issues as Circle Method

 Our Take:

FAIL- This test also did NOT pass our high standards either. This was more due to the fact that it was not easily feasible for one person to do by themselves and still produce accurate results.

The Quick Jewelry Repairs Method to Ring Sizing

So it looks like some of the most common ring sizing methods offered by most online sources have some issuing with helping you figure out your ring size. That is why we have provided this simple step-by-step guide on how to check your ring size right from the comfort of your home. Getting started is easy and won’t require any pesky printers.

This is our recommended method that we found to be accurate every time:

What you are going to need:

The Method:

  1. Cut out a rectangle of 1/4 inch wide and 6 inches in length.
  2. Wrap this strip of paper around your finger and mark where it overlaps.
  3. Now measure the strip of paper from the beginning to the mark.
  4. With the mm / inches that you measure, refer to our downloadable sizing chart for your accurate ring size.ring-sizing-methods

We have also provided a detailed how-to video below showing this exact process in case you weren't sure what some of the steps meant.

Check it out below!

Ring Sizing Measurement Chart:


Now you have your ring size, check out all of our ring resizing services here!

Download Ring Resizing Guide

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