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getting jewelry appraised on a vintage piece

Restore and Repair Inherited Jewelry (Part 1)

Inherited jewelry serves as a powerful reminder of our loved ones' eternal place in…


Metal Testing Service: How to Identify Your Jewelry

Whether it's a fresh buy off Ebay that you're not too sure about, a…


What You Need to Know About Silver Polishing

Silver is a great precious metal; it's beautiful, it's shiny, and best of all…


How to Repair, Replace, or Create a Family Ring

Family rings are a special heirloom that can be passed from generation to generation.…


A Quick Guide on How to Make Pendants

Pendants and charms are easily the most convertible form of jewelry there is! From…


Custom Platinum Jewelry: What You Need to Know

Platinum has become increasingly popular thanks to its heft, visual appearance, and hypoallergenic properties.…


How To Design A Custom Ring From Scratch

Custom jewelry creation is one of the most exciting things we do here at…


How to Add Color to Jewelry

Jewelry is a form of expression, and some people like the idea of colorful…


Earring Stick Posts vs Earring Screwbacks: What’s Best for You?

One of the most common questions asked by our customers is whether or not…