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What to Do When You Step on a Stud Earring

Written by Anna Currell
August 11, 2022

So you’ve stepped on a stud earring. Ouch! That’s even worse than stepping on a Lego piece. On top of the pain in your foot, chances are the earring also ended up worse for wear. The good news is that there are things you can do to fix the problem. Here is everything you need to know to get your earring back to as good as new:

1. Make Sure You’re Okay

Safety first! If you didn’t have shoes on when you stepped on the earring, the first thing to do is to make sure you’re alright. If the earring punctured your skin, you should probably get the wound checked out. Clean the area, apply a bandage, and then bring the stud earring with you when you head out to have a medical professional take a look. Metal puncture wounds can cause infection, so be sure to seek treatment. (We know a lot about jewelry, but we don’t claim to know everything about health; better to go to the experts for that.) Once you’re sure you’re okay and that you don’t need any repair, then you can get to examining the state of your earring. 

2. Assess the Damage

Check out the earring to see what the damage is. If you did have shoes on, it’s likely that the stud will be bent, maybe even broken in half, or separated from the earring itself. Luckily, the metal of an earring post isn’t difficult to repair! Once you look at the metal, examine the rest of the earring. All stud earrings are different, so they can involve different kinds of repairs based on the damage. Did any gems fall out? Is any enamel cracked or chipped? Were any prongs bent or broken? Taking stock of all the damage will be important to see what can be repaired and determine what your next steps will be. 

3. Take Photos

Before you send your stud earring in to be repaired, it’s a good idea to take photos of all the pieces involved. If the stud is part of a pair and only one of the two is damaged, take pictures of both to show the comparison. Seeing what the earring looked like before it was stepped on will help the jeweler understand what they are restoring. If both earrings happen to be bent or damaged, then try to see if you can find a photo from before the damage for reference. Or if you purchased it in a store, the brand might have a picture on their website that could be a good reference, too! 

4. Mail in Your Stud Earring for Repair

This is the best part — the part where we take the problem off your hands! It’s easy to mail in your damaged earring to Quick Jewelry Repairs for a speedy and efficient fix. You can scroll through our services and decide which option makes the most sense for you. You'll also be able to attach all the photos you’ve gathered to give your expert jeweler a better sense of the repairs that are needed.

Repair Options

There are several types of repair services available, depending on what your earring needs. If the earring post came off entirely, Quick Jewelry Repairs offers earring back soldering to reconnect the pieces. If the earring post was lost, we can provide a new back for you. If a gemstone was lost, separated, or broken, check out our gemstone replacement service. If the metal prongs that held the gem in place are damaged, we have prong replacement servicing as well.  

You could also take this opportunity to change your type of earring entirely with an earring back conversion. Perhaps, now that you think about it, your studs would work better as drop earrings — you can convert the post back to a leverback or wire instead. There are a lot of different earring backs to choose from, and each one is easy to convert! 


Once you determine which services your earrings need, mail them to us and your jewelry will be repaired by our expert jewelers and sent back to you within a matter of weeks. 

5. Get Back to Wearing Your Studs

Once you’ve gotten your earrings back, wear them with confidence! And remember to find a safe place to store your jewelry to protect your jewelry and your feet. We love decorative dishes, jewelry boxes, or earring ladders to store stud earrings; keeping them securely on your shelf will prevent any future missteps (pun intended). 

For more information about your earrings, find some of our services here. We’re here to help!

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