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Where You Should Take Off Your Jewelry But Probably Don’t!

Written by Chiara
May 2, 2018

When you buy that really nice piece of jewelry (it doesn’t have to be that expensive!), you always say “I’m really going to take good care of this one” – but then after 6 months to a year, it starts to turn and we have no idea why! Don’t Worry, we ALL do it! Read below for the places you shouldn’t wear your jewels if you actually want to look after them!



We know that the beach is a fashion show but this is one of the worst places to wear your gems! The sand wears away at the metal over time, even if it is real gold, silver or platinum. The combination of the salt and sand wears down the compounds and allows the metal to tarnish. This makes your jewels erode causing you to bring them to us!





If you use the machines and don’t wear gloves, again the machine handles are made of metal therefore friction will occur between the two and will wear the jewelry down, possibly tarnishing, depending on the metal. Just take off your jewelry!






If you sleep in your bangles, necklaces or your watch, there isn’t that much of a risk of damaging the jewelry, however there is a heightened risk of hurting yourself, or someone else! Engagement rings are the worst in this case as they are incredibly sharp, so if you were to scratch your eye a lot whilst sleeping, or scratch your partner, you could both wake up with marks that you weren’t expecting!




Playing sports-

When you play sports, you generally feel safe to wear your necklace, or wedding ring as the risk is really small of it getting ripped off or tarnished. However, playing sport is not the time nor place for elegant jewelry! It only takes that one time for it to get caught on something or hit by the ball and the rocks fall out from force as the mountings or clasps broke! The sad thing is that you probably won’t realize until you get back in the changing room and have lost the gems forever! Take off your jewelry and you will prevent this heartbreak!




Yes, cooking! This is a subtle yet deadly place to keep those jewels on your body! Cooking with jewelry can create lasting damage as the cooking oil and fats could stain the metal. Also detergent or soap can cloud the rocks up, making them less fabulous- looking, and pieces of food can get stuck within the clasps and indentations of the jewelry. Not only this but when your cooking, it is extremely easy to lose pieces of jewelry either in the trash or the in the food itself! Honestly… just take off your jewelry! You don’t want to choke on them!



Jewelry is a prized piece, that if you look after carefully, you can keep with you a long time! So treat your gems with respect!

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