Jewelry Maintenance

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The Art of Polishing and Cleaning Silver Jewelry: Tips for a Perfect Shine

Silver jewelry has been around for ages — it has a beautiful shine and…


Cleaning Jewelry: How (and How Often) To Do It

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5 Jewelry DIY Mistakes You Need To Avoid

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jewelry cleaning

Why Should I Consider Cleaning My Jewelry?

Why should I clean my jewelry? Jewelry is beautiful and sparkly, but only if…


Where You Should Take Off Your Jewelry But Probably Don’t!

When you buy that really nice piece of jewelry (it doesn’t have to be…

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9 Ways Not to Clean Necklaces

You have a drawer full of jewelry that you’ve been too busy to clean.…

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How To Keep Jewelry From Rusting

You’ve inherited your Grandmother’s collection of jewelry and now you’re organizing it along with…

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Watch Repair and Jewelry Maintenance Terms Explained

In today's post, we're going to continue on with our discussion on the different…