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Watch Repair and Jewelry Maintenance Terms Explained

Written by Quick Jewelry Repairs
December 27, 2016

In today's post, we're going to continue on with our discussion on the different repair types offered, focusing on our watch repair and other repair categories.

  • Battery replacement – changing a dead battery in a watch by removing the old one and putting in a new, working battery.
  • Pressure test – testing a waterproof watch to determine the water resistance depth.
  • Clean and overhaul – a process in which the entire watch is taken apart so both the inside and outside can be cleaned and polished.
  • Crystal replacement – removing a damaged watch crystal and inserting a new crystal in place.
  • Stem & crown replacement – removing a damaged watch stem (the piece attaching a crown to the watch) or crown (the piece that winds the watch) and inserting a new stem or crown in place.
  • Band & case refinishing – removing imperfections such as dents, scratches, and dings on your case or watch band and then reapplying the original finish.
  • Minor band repairs – adding or removing links in the watch band, replacing pins, or other small issues that can occur to the bracelet of a watch.

Other Types of Jewelry Repairs 

  • Tightening stones – making sure the prongs that surround a piece are correctly set and are securely holding each gem in it’s proper place
  •  Enameling – fusing a thin layer of glass to a metal piece of jewelry for decorative purposes
  •  Re-plating – adding a thin layer of rhodium, gold, or another metal to the exterior of a piece of jewelry to which this metal had previously been applied
  • Restringing pearls – taking pearls from a broken bracelet or necklace and adding onto a new string to make a whole jewelry piece again
  • Other – any additional work that does not fall into the categories listed above or below

Still unsure where your repair would fall on the list? Check out a full repair list and detailed descriptions here

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