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What are The Common Types of Baby Bracelets?

Written by Serena Norr
February 2, 2018

Bracelets have long been a popular jewelry tradition for women and men. Recently, infant bracelets have risen again in popularity. Gifting small bracelets to young children signifies importance and generosity on the part of the gifter. Occasions may include christenings, birthdays, and holidays. Different types of infant bracelets are available to suit a wide variety of aesthetic tastes.

Common Types of Baby Bracelets

1. Gold


Gold bracelets are a classic material. Available in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, gold bracelets are a perfect starting point for any infant bracelet. Infants are unlikely to be allergic to the material, and it is unlikely to tarnish easily. When gold bracelets do need to be cleaned, they can be taken to a jeweler for a thorough restoration. Infants will grow out of the piece eventually, but will be able to hold onto it as a keepsake from when they were young. Gold bracelets may hold up well enough to be passed down from generation to generation.

2. Silver


Silver bracelets are similarly valuable, and are equally as unlikely to produce an allergic reaction in a newborn or infant. Silver bracelets can include all sorts of accessories or exist simply as plain metal. A variety of different clasp styles are available as well. Designs, closures, and shapes are all different ways to make silver infant bracelets unique to suit a particular family or child.

3. Wooden


If you are searching for an environmentally friendly material that is not metallic in nature, a wooden baby bracelet may be the perfect selection. Wooden bracelets are able to be engraved just as metallic bracelets, but may cost less depending on the type of wood utilized. Dark, medium, and light tones are available in lots of different grains. Each bracelet is likely to be especially unique given that there are no two identical trees. Metal or other materials may be used in the creation of the piece’s clasp.

4. Engraved

Engraved infant bracelets are rising quickly in popularity, and can be embossed with first, middle, or last names, initials, birth dates, or allergies. Medical bracelets fall into the engraved bracelet category; these pieces help to signify that the infant is affected by a food or environmental substance. A special symbol may be engraved next to the symbol for safety. Engraving provides an elegant way to personalize a baby bracelet and may add to the value of the item as a keepsake as the child grows.

5. Indian Traditional


Indian traditional bracelets are typically gold and include tiny black beads to ward off any evil spirits. The bracelets come in sets of two, one for each of the infant’s hands. These are protective pieces that are highly regarded as effective. Clasps may include links, and different sizes of beading are available for the bracelets themselves. Although the tradition originated in India, families bring the custom to the United States with them. It is not uncommon to see babies with these gold and black bracelets here in the US. The tradition is gaining popularity among American families as well.

6. Flowered

Flower patterns are fairly common in jewelry for babies because of the popularity of floral patterns among parents for children. Flowered engravings, beads, and charms are available for different styles of jewelry for babies and can come in a plethora of different textiles including gold, silver, wooden, gemstones, and other metals. Materials of different colors may be used to depict different varieties of flowers. For instance, red may be used for roses while purple is used for violets or yellow for sunflowers.

7. Beaded


Beaded bracelets are among the most popular. Different types of stones and materials are shaped into beads with angles, curves, patterns, and textures to be utilized in infant bracelets. Beaded bracelets can easily be adapted to different sized infant wrists and combined with a variety of clasp types for easy closure. Most beaded bracelets should be removed for bathing and prolonged contact with water. Be sure that infant bracelets are fastened securely so that there is no risk of an infant choking on one of the bracelet’s beads.

8. Macrame

Friendship bracelets are typically made for infants in the warmer months, when lots of children and individuals sport them. Due to their brightly colored embroidery string and cheery patterns, friendship macramé bracelets can be seasonal accessories for all members of the family.

9. Charms


Charms are dangling beads that are utilized on all sorts of different baby bracelets. Gold, silver, wooden, and chain bracelets may include charms. While some match the material of the baby bracelet’s band, others contrast. For instance, a gold bracelet may include silver charms, and vice versa. Sometimes, charms are combined with beads or gemstones for an individualized baby bracelet look. Charms can depict lots of different symbols and shapes that represent values, hobbies, and family members.

10. Gemstones

Gemstones can be used in all sorts of baby bracelets, including chain, gold, silver, and beaded. Amethyst, rubies, sapphires and other birthstones are common choices for baby bracelets, depending on the month that the child was born. Gemstones have been historically more popular with girls than boys in the United States, but there is room for trend movement as jewelry for babies continue to gain popularity.

11. Bangles


Bangle baby bracelet styles are solid pieces of material, typically cylindrical in nature, that form a circle around a baby’s wrist. Rather than being particularly malleable, bangles hold their shape regardless of placement. Bangles often have no clasp and are slipped on over a baby’s hand. They slide a certain distance up the baby’s forearm and remain there. Bangles come in all different materials, including gold, silver, wooden, and others.

12. Chains

Baby bracelet chains feature different kinds of links. These styles may be especially advantageous because of their ability to be adjusted as the child grows. Chain style bracelets in durable materials like silver and gold may be worn by the child for an especially long time before they are classified as keepsake items.


Baby bracelets come in lots of different materials and styles. Selecting the right one for your infant depends purely on expectations and aesthetic preferences.

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