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Can You Resize a Pattern Ring?

Written by Annabelle
August 30, 2019

If you have a ring with a design going all around it, you might be wondering how on earth you're going to get it sized. After all, sizing might distort the design, and that's the whole point of the ring…

Fortunately, there are several ways to resize a pattern ring. Read on to learn more!

What Is This Ring Design Called?


A celtic pattern ring, marked at the area that will be cut into.

Some people like to call this type of ring a pattern ring. Others prefer to call it an eternity band, although this term is more frequently used for rings with stones in them. In any case, the concept is the same- the design of the ring goes all around, instead of being at the front. While this looks great on your finger, it poses a problem for the jeweler who has to resize it. Normally, in order to size a regular ring, the jeweler cuts into a blank portion of the ring and either adds or removes metal to size the ring up or down. However, to resize a pattern ring, this procedure may distort the ring in one area, disrupting the continuous pattern. As such, the jeweler needs to get a little creative with sizing these types of rings.

Ways to Resize a Pattern Ring

  1. Stretching. If the ring is only being sized either half a size or one size, the jeweler can put the ring into a machine that will either stretch or squish the ring into the correct size. This method is the best for preserving the overall look of the ring, although some details (such as a beveled edge) might be a little fainter after the process. Nevertheless, it's great for patterned bands that only need a slight size adjustment.
  2. Pattern cutting: this requires some work from the jeweler, and depends on the design of the ring, but the traditional cutting method can be used to size a patterned ring if the jeweler can make it look seamless. The jeweler can do this by estimating how much material needs to be taken out, at which point, and where they can solder back so that the cut merges with the rest of the pattern. This allows the ring to retain its look.

    This interesting brutalist gold ring was cut into, but there's no visible area of sizing.

  3. Pattern Replication: In the event that the ring can only be sized by cutting, and will lose part of the pattern, the jeweler may be able to replicate the pattern to cover the area of sizing. This is done on a case-by-case basis, however, as some patterns cannot be mimicked. It should be noted that this is additional labor, and will add to the overall cost of the ring resizing.
  4. Balls and lining. If you're sizing down, this is a great ring resizing alternative. Either small beads or a more comfortable lining is soldered to the inside of the ring until the ring measures at the correct size. The beads or lining fill in the space between your finger and the ring.

    These stainless steel eternity bands have sizing balls on the interior.

  5. Custom creation: if all else fails, the jeweler can simply remake your ring for you in the correct size! This spares you from having to cut into the ring and ruining its design. The custom creation process is done by taking the original design and creating a 3D design file. This file is used to print a wax, which is used to cast the metal.

Patterned Rings That Can't Be Sized


This ring is set with abalone and opal inlay, which can crack if stretched.

Rings with inlay, such as opal or wood, will get destroyed by most of the processes above. Wood inlay doesn't combine well with any kind of heat, and most inlays are not pliable, which means it'll crack under the stretching method.

Cost of Sizing a Pattern Ring

The price of sizing a pattern ring depends on the work involved, and the metal type. For instance, if you're sizing up, the jeweler will need to add metal to the area of sizing. This adds to the cost, especially if the metal is gold or platinum.

On average, the cost of sizing a pattern ring starts at $35 for sterling silver, and may go higher if you have specific requirements you'd like the jeweler to fulfill (such as replicating a pattern.)

How Long Does It Take to Size a Pattern Ring?

If it's a simple job, it'll only take 1 day to size a pattern ring. For more complicated jobs, it can range from 3 days to a week and half. Stainless steel rings are a special case- by default, this material takes at least 4 days for work because of how tough it is. Depending on the ring, sizing a stainless steel pattern ring and finishing it with any enamel or plating necessary may take one week or more.

Now you're up to date on how to resize a pattern ring! If you have a ring like this, and your local jeweler turned you down, you now have options to consider. Place an order with us via the services below, or leave us a comment below if you need help with your ring.

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