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Cuff Bracelets: Their History, Their Revival, and Top Styling Tips

Written by Anna Currell
March 1, 2024

Cuff bracelets are not only stylish and bold pieces of jewelry, they also come with a history of empowerment and liberation. In this article, we’ll explore the history of cuff bracelets, their renaissance in fashion, and how to style them to feel like your most powerful and beautiful self.

Cuff Bracelets Throughout History

Cuff bracelets date back thousands of years to the times of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. They were often made of gold and worn as protective talismans. Like most jewelry trends, they’ve evolved a lot since then, but their significance remains largely intact. These cuff bracelets have been worn as a sign of power and protection in all different media.  

Coco Chanel in the 1920s

Coco Chanel popularized the cuff bracelet in the 1920s. She is an iconic figure in fashion history, and her pair of bold, jeweled cuff bracelets made a statement. She took the jewels gifted to her by former lovers and asked her designer friend to create something entirely new. This resulted in a pair of stunning cuff bracelets that she wore so often they became a part of her legendary signature style

Wonder Woman in the 1940s

In the 1940s, the Wonder Woman comics introduced the first female superhero, and she wore indestructible cuff bracelets.The creator of Wonder Woman, a psychologist and feminist named William Moulton Marston, got the idea from his partner’s silver bracelets. Wonder Woman’s cuff bracelets held a lot of power; they were incredibly durable and could protect her from any weapon. Marston believed in empowering women, a radical suggestion in the 1940s, and these bracelets became a symbol of the strength of women. 

1970s to the Modern Day

Cuff bracelets entered the zeitgeist in the 1970s, a defining era in the women’s liberation movement, and were worn by women like Jackie Onassis. And even since, cuff bracelets have continued to serve as a powerful symbol in women’s fashion. You might have seen cuff bracelets featured in major comic book films like Black Panther and Thor, donned by strong, powerful female characters. 

It’s no wonder why these beautiful bracelets have remained so popular over thousands of years; they hold so much symbolism. Not to mention, they look great with almost every outfit. 

The Cuff Comeback

We’re seeing a particular resurgence in cuff bracelets in the last few years, especially with the trend of vintage jewelry. There has been a surge in ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s styles recently, and since cuff bracelets were very popular fashion accessories during those decades, they fit right in with the vintage throwback trend.

Sleek, simple cuff bracelets also align well with the minimalist style that has been dominating fashion. They provide a polished look without being overly ornate, and they can make the perfect minimalist statement piece.

There’s also been a shift toward larger pieces of jewelry lately. For years, dainty jewelry was on trend, but now larger statement pieces like cuff bracelets have rotated back into favor as the pendulum swings away from delicate accessories toward bolder looks.

How to Style Cuff Bracelets

There’s no wrong way to wear such an empowering piece of jewelry. But if you’re stuck, here are some tips for styling cuff bracelets:

  • Layering: Stack multiple cuff bracelets together on one or both wrists. Try mixing different metals, materials, and widths for a dynamic look. 
  • With watches: Cuffs look great paired with watch bands, especially if they are the same metal. Wear the cuff on your opposite wrist from your watch. 
  • With sleeves: Cuff bracelets look best when worn with three-quarter or long sleeves that you can pull back to reveal the cuffs. Wear them higher up on your forearm for maximum impact.
  • For work: Thin, sleek cuffs in silver or gold work well for professional settings. It’s probably best to avoid anything too thick, chunky, or noisy while you’re in the office. 
  • For evening: Wide or hinged cuffs with added embellishments or engraved details make a glamorous statement for a nighttime. Gold, rose gold and jewel tones look elegant.
  • With rings: Coordinate your cuff bracelets with your rings by matching metals and stones. This can make for an intentional, cohesive look. 
  • Minimal outfits: Cuff bracelets stand out beautifully when worn with simple, solid color clothing. Make them the focal point.
  • With patterns: If your outfit is busy or bold, stick to plain, understated cuff bracelets to complement it. It can be hard to have them compete with prints or textures.

Want to rock your own Wonder Woman-esque cuff bracelets? Create your very own pair with our team of bespoke jewelry experts. We’ll help you design a one-of-a-kind cuff bracelet or bracelet set that feels true to your style so you can feel confident and powerful every time you wear it.

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