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How to Hide an Engagement Ring Before You Propose

Written by Anna Currell
January 31, 2024

You’ve bought the perfect ring for your partner and you’ve set an engagement date. But what do you do with the ring in the meantime? Even if your partner knows a proposal is coming at some point, hiding the ring can keep the engagement exciting. If you live with your partner, or if you have trouble keeping a secret, you might wonder how you’re supposed to hide an engagement ring from your partner before you pop the question. In this article, we’ll give you five different hiding spot ideas so you can keep your proposal surprising. Let’s take a look.

#1: Keep it Where Your Partner Won’t Look

Try to think of a place where your partner won’t accidentally stumble across the engagement ring. This will be different for everybody, so consider your partner’s daily routines. For example, if you’re the cook in the relationship, put the ring behind all the spices you know they won’t reach for. Or maybe they’re not very interested in home improvement; stick the ring (in its own padded box) inside of your tool box on the garage shelf. Try not to hide an engagement ring in places where they’re likely to look, like dresser drawers or the bathroom medicine cabinet.

#2: Recruit Your Family or Friends

Keeping the engagement ring at a friend or family member’s home is a pretty safe bet for a hiding place. This way, it can stay safely tucked away in someone else’s care without the need for any extra hiding measures — the chances of your partner finding the ring in your buddy’s sock drawer are probably pretty slim. Just be sure to entrust the ring with people you know you can count on to keep the ring safe… and not to spill the beans!

#3: Put it in an Unassuming Container 

A tricky way to keep your engagement ring hidden from your partner (especially if they’re excited and nosy) is to put the ring in a very unassuming vessel in plain sight. For instance, is there a piece of pottery on your mantel that they would never consider looking inside of? Put it in there until the big day. Or you can carefully store it in a tupperware storage container filled with all kinds of other objects and stick it in the linen closet. Hiding it in plain sight is a little riskier, but it makes for a great story later.


#4: Use a Safe Deposit Box

A safe deposit box rented at your local bank branch is another very secure place to stash the ring until you’re ready to propose. This is a great option because the ring is in a totally different location than any of your shared spaces, and the bank will ensure that the ring stays safe until you retrieve it personally. Just make sure you don’t store the only key in a place your partner could find it, especially if they have a tendency to snoop.

#5: Hide It at Work

If you have an office with some privacy, hiding the ring at work can be a good option. Choose a discreet location that your partner won’t ever see, like in a locked drawer or hidden inside a book on your shelf. If you share an office space, make sure you find a spot that coworkers won't stumble upon either. If you're worried about losing the ring at work, consider getting a small lockbox or safe to conceal it in.

Keep it Safe and Have Fun

No matter where you put the ring, be sure to keep it safely stored in its box so that it’s not loose and prone to scratching, denting, or other damage. As long as it's safe, don’t let hiding the ring stress you out before the big day; it can be exciting to keep this a surprise for your partner and can actually be pretty fun. It builds anticipation for the special moment and the look on their face when you finally reveal the ring will make all the sneaking around worth it.

Keeping the ring discrete until you pop the question can make the engagement really special. Just don't hide the ring too well, or you might forget where you put it when it's finally time to propose! Another way to make the proposal special is to get a meaningful engraving about your relationship on the inside of the band. Work with our team of bespoke jewelry experts to get started designing something intimate and personal that you and your beloved can share.

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