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Watch Repair: How Do I Fix a Cracked Watch Face?

Written by Anna Currell
December 2, 2022

A broken watch is a bummer. But don’t worry — it happens all the time, and there are easy ways to remedy the situation. Plus, there’s a silver lining: getting the face repaired could be an opportunity to even enhance your watch so that it looks and works better than ever. Here is your step-by-step guide to watch repair and what to do when your watch crystal is cracked, scratched, or damaged. 

Handle Your Watch Crystal Carefully

First and foremost, be sure to handle your broken watch carefully. If the crystal is cracked or broken, the shards and edges can be sharp and dangerous to touch. To avoid getting any crystal pieces lodged into your fingers or slicing your skin, avoid touching any of the cracked watch face. The safest course of action is to pick up the watch by its band or by the outer metal casing, and then check to make sure that no crystal pieces have fallen on the floor where you might step on them. If you do happen to get a crystal-induced injury, be sure to seek medical assistance. (We know lots about watches, but nothing about medicine. Consult a doctor!) 

Assess the Damage

Watches can sustain damage in any number of ways. One of the most common mishaps is when a watch falls to the ground and lands face down; this can result in scratches, cracks, or splintered crystal. If the watch links in your band are loose or the band doesn’t fit properly, your watch could bang around or slide off your wrist and sustain the same type of damage (in addition to needing a band repair). 

Worst case scenario, if your watch falls and gets stepped on or lodged under something heavy, that could mean all sorts of damage beyond the cracked watch crystal. The stem and crown are both parts that are susceptible to breakage, and the internal mechanics of the watch also need to be protected. Take a moment to look at your watch to see what needs fixing, and if you’re not sure, feel free to also document the damage with a photo or two. This will help your jeweler understand what needs to be repaired.


Mail In Your Watch for Repair

Now that you have a sense of what's gone wrong, think about the kind of attention your watch needs. Here are some popular watch repair services to consider:

  • Watch Crystal Replacement: You’ll want to select this option if the crystal on your watch face is no longer perfectly smooth and clear. An expert will replace the crystal so you can read the time perfectly, without any cloudiness or scratching in the way. 
  • Stem and Crown Replacement: If the tiny dial on the side of your watch that you use to adjust the time is broken or missing, this might be the repair you need. A jeweler can replace the stem and crown so you’ll be able to set the time on your watch again.
  • Remove Watch Links: If your watch fell off because it was too big, you should consider watch link removal. This will adjust your watch band so that it securely fits your wrist and you can feel confident that it won’t fall off again. 
  • Band Repair or Replacement: It’s easy for your watch to fall off your wrist if the band is too tight or too loose, or the clasp is broken, and a fall can cause even more damage than you started with! Get your band and clasp repaired or replaced to keep it secure. 

In addition to repairs, you can also opt for watch customization to make your timepiece a little more personal. If you’re already getting it repaired, you might as well give it the bonus treatment! If you’ve ever thought about gold-plating your watch or getting it engraved, now’s the time. 

Wear Your Good-As-New Watch (Carefully)

Once your watch has been repaired, you can get back to wearing it in its new sparkling condition. To prevent any more damage from occurring, be sure to store your favorite timepiece in a secure place when you’re not wearing it and take it off when heading to the gym. Pay attention to any changes, and if you notice that your watch band is getting looser or feels less secure, you can catch those issues before the watch falls off.


Whatever your watch needs, the expert jewelry professionals at Quick Jewelry Repairs would be delighted to help you. Send your watch to us in the mail with a convenient prepaid shipping label, then sit back and relax while we take care of the rest. In addition to getting your watch repaired or customized, be sure to stay proactive and send it in for maintenance often. Get your battery replaced before it runs out of juice, and spruce up your watch with regular cleaning and polishing to keep it in its best working condition. 

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