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How to Properly Store Your Jewelry

Written by Annabelle
April 30, 2020

Jewelry might be made from metal and stones, but that doesn’t mean you can just toss it anywhere in your house! In order to keep your jewelry in the best condition, you have to store it in the right way. Read on to learn more about properly storing your jewelry.

How to Store 5 Types of Jewelry

1. Necklaces


Necklaces before and after untangling

Necklaces are notoriously difficult to store because they can get so easily tangled up! The best way to store, contrary to popular belief, is to put them in individual small plastic bags instead of hanging them up. Hanging up necklaces can put strain on the chain over time, especially when there’s a heavy pendant attached to the chain or if the necklace is a strung pearl or bead necklace. When placing a necklace into the bag, make sure to clip the opening of the bag over the clasped area. This way, the necklace won’t get knotted or tangled up in storage. With each necklace in its own bag, you can also avoid massive tangled messes in your jewelry box.

2. Earrings

jewelry box waterdrop earrings

Czech glass waterdrop earrings

Earrings can be stored in a variety of ways. If your jewelry box has divisions, you can put a pair in each section to keep them together. For studs, we recommend a small sheet of paper. Punch the stud earring through the paper and attach the earring back behind the paper. This way, you can keep all of your earrings and earrings backs in the same place. You can also put them in individual bags to protect precious fragile stones such as pearls or opals from getting scratched.

3. Bracelets


This two-strand Mikimoto bracelet is broken from wear.

Much like necklaces, bracelets should be placed individually, with one end clipped by the opening of the bag to avoid tangling. Never hang string bracelets, especially stretch ones; the elastic will weaken and loosen over time, and may even break due to the weight of the beads. 

4. Rings


All of these rings show signs of wear.

While ring dishes and ring stackers might look cute, we’re not a huge fan of them as the constant abrasion of rings against other rings can cause scratches over time. We like cushioned ring boxes that have slots for you to insert the ring between two rolls of fabric. This storage method keeps the rings from rubbing against one another. Again, you can also resort to individual bags if you don’t have a cushioned ring box with divisions.

5. Watches


Watches should be stored properly! Little components like the crown can be damaged if you're careless.

Watches are best kept in their original boxes or a fabric bag. Keep in mind that some are solar-powered so you’ll need to charge them once in a while by putting them out for absorption. When doing so, make sure you’re putting the watch in a secure location where it can’t be knocked down, as high impacts can damage the crystal or clockwork.

General Tips for Jewelry Storage

Make sure your jewelry is stored in a safe and relatively dry location. Humidity is bad for plated jewelry and sterling silver, as it exacerbates oxidation and rust. Pearls and opals need special care and cannot be placed in areas that are too hot, so try not to leave your jewelry box next to a radiator or some other heat source. For gems that fade in sunlight, such as kunzite, amethyst, and rose quartz, make sure to put them in a bag or box where they won’t be constantly exposed.

Now you’re up to date on how to properly store your jewelry! If you have any questions, comment below and we can help you out.

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