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5 Types of Jewelry Engraving Fonts

Written by Annabelle
January 23, 2020

Engraving’s a great way to add that little extra touch to your favorite piece of jewelry, or a gift for someone special. But have you considered changing up the font of your inscription for a special aesthetic or meaning? Read on to learn more about 5 types of jewelry engraving fonts you can consider.

1. Basic Jewelry Engraving Fonts

Many jewelers offer two basic engraving font options: script, and block. These two options vary from place to place, but the look remains the same. Script is great for romantic and elegant inscriptions, while block is clean, sharp, and easier to read. 


Two rings engraved with basic block and script fonts.

2. Script and Block Font Varieties

Some jewelers may offer more than just two fonts, depending on their capabilities. They may provide either 4-5 different script options and block options in uppercase and lowercase, allowing you to choose the font that you like best. 


A list of Quick Jewelry Repairs's available engraving fonts.

3. Monograms

This antique-inspired style is coming back into season with the rise of signet rings! Monograms are basically very fancy initial engravings, and they can be done in very intricate font. It’s popular to engrave monograms on the back of lockets or on the front of plain signet rings for a classic look, but you can get creative and use it as a pocket watch engraving for a special Victorian-esque feel. 


An antique ring engraved with a monogram.

4. Different Language Fonts

If you’re wondering whether different languages such as Chinese, Arabic, or Russian can be engraved, the answer is yes! The process is a little more complex, as these languages are considered “image” engravings and must be specially engraved with additional care to get the details correct. The results can be impressive! 


Two rings engraved with different languages.

5. Custom Fonts

Jewelers who have laser engraving machines can work with an image you provide to engrave a unique, custom font. For instance, if you like a particular font that you found online, you can send the image file to the jeweler and they will program the laser to engrave that exact font style. Most jewelers do not have this capability, making custom font work difficult to find. 


A custom engraving based on a handwritten note from the client.

Now you're up-to-date on what jewelry engraving fonts you can consider! If you'd like to get something special engraved, comment below and we'll help you out.

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