The Easiest Ways to Travel with your Jewelry

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The physical act of traveling to reach your destination can be a stressful pain, especially when you’re packing dainty items you care about… Read: precious pieces of your jewelry collection. Necklaces get tangled, earrings lost, a bangle pops out of its pouch and gets separated from the others. We’ve all been there, so here are five hacks to use when … Read More

11 Weird Yet Clever Places to Hide Your Expensive Jewelry

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11 Weird Yet Clever Places to Hide Your Expensive Jewelry

The need to protect valuables has grown immensely, especially with home burglaries on the rise. Hiding valuables, such as expensive jewelry, in unexpected areas, can protect owners from losing their personal items. Being proactive, and taking steps to hide valuables in places that no one will think to look, will help greatly. The most major thing to do is to … Read More

11 of Our Favorite Pieces of Jewelry from the Oscars

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Jewelry from the Oscars

We love watching the Oscars to root on our favorite celebs and movies that we loved checking out this past year. It’s also one of the most glamorous events of the year where celebs adorn some of the most gorgeous dresses and suits that we’ve ever seen. While the clothing is certainly a sight, we also love eyeing the sparkly jewels … Read More

What’s the Best Age-Appropriate Jewelry for Kids?

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what's the best jewelry for kids

Kids grow up so incredibly quickly, where, before you know it they want to do grown-up things and wear grown-up clothing and accessories. While some of these items have their place, depending on your child’s age, a lot of them aren’t appropriate for little ones. Below, we’ve outlined a guide of a list of jewelry that’s appropriate for kids and … Read More