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11 Weird Yet Clever Places to Hide Your Expensive Jewelry

Written by Serena Norr
March 23, 2018

The need to protect valuables has grown immensely, especially with home burglaries on the rise. Hiding valuables, such as expensive jewelry, in unexpected areas, can protect owners from losing their personal items. Being proactive, and taking steps to hide valuables in places that no one will think to look, will help greatly. The most major thing to do is to do something, and something that can help to outsmart a burglar. Not everyone has a safe deposit box at their bank, or a fire proof safe, so taking creative measures can help keep your valuables safe from the hands of thieves and free from environmental damage.

The first place a suspected burglar may look is the master bedroom. This is a common area people hide expensive jewelry, and other valuables. The best areas in the home for safe keeping of your precious jewels are bathrooms, laundry rooms, in the hall area and the kitchen. There are inventive ways to help protect your jewelry from thieves that wish to raid your home. Here are some of those areas where valuables can be stored in plain sight or in disguise:

Places to Hide Your Expensive Jewelry

11 Weird Yet Clever Places to Hide Your Expensive Jewelry

1. Cleaning Supplies & Kitchen Pantry.

Inside of pans, pots and dry, empty bottles of laundry detergent, are interesting ways to stash your prized possessions. When a person wants to find something, they want to quickly find the items, and these are not obvious places where a person will look first. You can take a set of specific pots and pans and stack them one on top of the other while hiding jewelry like rings, bracelets and necklaces under each one, preferably wrapped in a protective material. People do not usually rummage through pots and pans.

2. Inside of a Closet

Burglars generally look inside of closets for stashed items, but may overlook something as obvious as a wall light hidden in plain sight inside of the closet. Working wall lights can come with hidden storage to help keep valuables protected.

3. In a Hollowed Door

Take a hollow door and cut out an area from the top, carefully place jewels inside of the hollowed area and then replace the door piece or fill with wood putty. Another idea would be to hide or tape thinner sized jewelry to the bottom of the door frame itself, as long as carpet does not rub against the bottom of the door. One of the first places thieves check is the top of the door, but they generally skip checking the bottoms of doors.

4. Air Vents

Air vents, whether in the hall or any other room of the house are now innovative areas to hide expensive jewelry. This can be done with the use of fake air vent storage units. These appear as real air vents, but are storage for valuables instead. It is highly unlikely burglars would take the time to open air vents, while in search of snatching expensive items. Faux air vents are best placed high near the ceiling, if possible.

5. Inside of a Soccer Ball

The black and white patches on a soccer ball can be cut out and glued back to look the same as it did before the patches were cut. Take a sharp knife and carefully cut around the patches on all but one side of the patch. Open the patch just like a flap. Place the wrapped jewelry inside of the soccer ball flap. You can also tape the jewelry to the inside of the soccer ball with tape, so that if it is shaken by someone, they will not be able to hear the contents move around inside. Close the flap back with clear cement glue. Then place the soccer ball somewhere it looks like it belongs, and you will have yourself a clever jewelry hiding spot.

6. Loose Bricks Surrounding a Fireplace

Thieves may look at a fireplace quickly, and not realize there are precious items hidden inside. If you have any loose bricks around your fireplace, gently remove the brick and place a satchel of your items inside, then gently slide the brick into place.

7. Wall Outlet Storage

There are numerous wall outlets inside of homes. Who will have the time to go around and check all of them, when trying to make a quick getaway? Fake wall outlets are outlets that appear to be the same a regular prong wall outlets, but instead of plugging things into them, you use them for storage for small items. These install seamlessly into the walls of any home.

8. Wall Baseboards

Placing a fake baseboard prop in front of the space between the bottom of a wall and flooring, can help to hide any item that is placed right underneath the small area under the wall. You can place as many items as the space allows.

9. Pillows, Clothing, Shoes

If you have access to pillows with zippers on the seams, or clothing with inner pockets, perhaps placing some of the jewels in these areas will help to deter would be thieves. Try placing valuables inside the heel of a high heeled shoe, after hollowing it out from the inside.

10. Diversion Safes

Another way to hide valuables in the most plain sight is to invest in a diversion safe. These diversion safes can look so innocent but are powerful enough to conceal your items. They can look like a book, a candle, or even a head of lettuce. Diversion safes can even look like a regular can of soda. You can keep the head of lettuce and soda can in the fridge and no one would know the difference between these and the real thing. The lower part of the lettuce comes off to allow for easy storage. It is highly unlikely that burglars will take the time out to look in each of these items, because they look like normal, everyday items, not storages for prized possessions.

11. Bathroom Storage

Bathroom tile storage and hidden storage on your bathtub may be idea for jewelry storage. Some bathtubs have encasements around the bottoms that can be used for hiding jewels. You can also remove bathroom tiles and make a hole to store possessions into. Once you replace the tile, a burglar will never guess to look bathroom tiles. You just have to be sure you remember where the secret hiding tile is.

With tips to avoid being the next target, keeping the things you work hard for are priority, and should not be taken lightly. Also, after you have hidden expensive jewelry, remember where you put it. Jot these details down in another secret place, or send a message to yourself via email or text. Then save the message, giving it a special label, so it can be retrieved should you ever forget where your hidden jewelry is. Keeping jewelry, and other valuable items hidden can prevent thieves from having access to your worldly possessions.

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I hate to say this but unfortunately burglars, are reading this too. I am a victim of an intruder, burglars November 2, 2019. I am still in shock and traumatized.


I’m so sorry that happened to you. It’s a horrible feeling. I eventually started to feel better I’m sure you will hope you do also, it takes time. ♥️


Sorry to hear. I’m still traumatized too from them. They robbed my sense of security too


Indeed 🙁


Sorry for what happened to you. I recently experienced brake-in too. It indeed made me shock and feeling insecure inside our home even in the broad day light.

Jordan Bozzi

Same, happend in 2012 still paranoid as hell


I cannot tell you, how many times things have been stolen. As a Military wife tgat moved frequently I wondered if I would forget, only to remember later. If it is too inconvienant – you will never were it. Try a safe. Not something flimsy. Heavy and hard to move. Nothing has ever been stolen from my safe, It is 2×2 fire proof that is about 2″ thick… I got it for titles to cars, House, other papers. But use it for rare books, other things. Many people have gun safe. You can have some small pieces of wood, 1×1… Read more »

Ali Wali

You are amazing!