What You Should Know Before You Resell Your Jewelry

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resell your jewelry tips and advice

There are a lot of reasons you might want to resell your jewerly. Maybe your jewelry box has become a huge mess full of pieces you never wear and even remember that you have. Or maybe you’re looking for a little extra cash around the holidays. Maybe you have just accepted that some pieces you own are simply not your … Read More

How Can You Really Tell the Value of Your Jewelry?

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How can you understand the value of your jewelry?

It can be tricky to truly know the monetary value of your jewelry. A piece that you assume costs next to nothing can be highly valuable, while another piece that looks expensive or that you treasure dearly may have no value at all. Simple jewelry can be pricey, while flashy jewelry can be value-less. If you have a piece of … Read More

How Do You Know if Your Jewelry is Made from Real Gold?

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how to spot real gold tips and advice

Could you spot a fake? While we would all like to think that we could, it’s sometimes not as easy (or obvious) to the discerning eye. Gold jewelry, for example, has value for the actual piece of jewelry itself, but there is also value in it as scrap gold if the pieces are broken or otherwise unwearable. Testing to see … Read More

What are Some of the Best Destinations to Buy Jewelry?

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best destinations to buy jewelry in the world

Traveling is an awesome way to experience different cuisines, experiences, and cultures. Each culture has their own ways of doing things and developing products. One thing that you will find, with every destination, is that jewelry tends to be different. There are many places that pride themselves on being great jewelry destinations; offering some of the rarest jewels that the … Read More

11 Weird Yet Clever Places to Hide Your Expensive Jewelry

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11 Weird Yet Clever Places to Hide Your Expensive Jewelry

The need to protect valuables has grown immensely, especially with home burglaries on the rise. Hiding valuables, such as expensive jewelry, in unexpected areas, can protect owners from losing their personal items. Being proactive, and taking steps to hide valuables in places that no one will think to look, will help greatly. The most major thing to do is to … Read More

11 of Our Favorite Pieces of Jewelry from the Oscars

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Jewelry from the Oscars

We love watching the Oscars to root on our favorite celebs and movies that we loved checking out this past year. It’s also one of the most glamorous events of the year where celebs adorn some of the most gorgeous dresses and suits that we’ve ever seen. While the clothing is certainly a sight, we also love eyeing the sparkly jewels … Read More

Why You Should Invest in High Quality Jewelry When You’re Young

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high quality jewelry when you're young

Jewelry is a form of fashion, personal expression, and style. This has certainly changed over the years with the popularity of costume jewelry where you can purchase relevantly inexpensive pieces that can go with virtually anything in your wardrobe. While we are all about personal style, some of these pieces are poorly made can easily break, tatter and even fade … Read More