What Decade Does Your Jewelry Box Belong To?

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It’s no secret that jewelry means something different to everybody, different every year, and there is no one right way to wear it. So the question is which decade does your jewelry box belong to? Read below to find out more on jewelry through the decades!   1920’s- “The Great Gatsby” Everybody was smearing themselves in Art-Deco styled luxury. Due … Read More

How to Tell the Difference Between Silver and Sterling Silver

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How to Tell the Difference Between Fine Silver and Sterling Silver

“Is there even a difference? I thought they were the same!” It is almost rare to find someone who knows the difference now, but after reading this article- you will be able to say you are that one step closer to understanding the similarities and differences between Fine Silver and Sterling Silver! Silver has been used for thousands of years … Read More

What are Some of the Most Famous Pieces of Vintage Jewelry?

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Famous Pieces of Vintage Jewelry

Throughout history, society has been fascinated by all things glamorous and dazzling. From the breathtaking engagement rings of the royals to the extravagant pieces adorned by celebs, we can’t get enough of famous pieces of vintage jewelry. Read on to check out more about some of the most famous pieces of vintage jewelry that are worth their weight in history. … Read More

What are Some of the Greatest Jewelry Heists?

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jewelry heists

Jewelry heists make for some of the best movies in recent history. But they’re not just mere works of fiction. Jewel thieves have gotten away with millions of dollars of the most beautiful jewels in the world, most of the time. Read on to check out some of the most thrilling stories of real-life jewelry heists from around the world. … Read More

What is the History of the Wedding Ring?

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What is the History of the Wedding Ring?

The wedding ring is the most common and symbolic piece of jewelry in our culture. This one small item stands for the love between two spouses and is worn their entire lives as a sign of their commitment. Today, wedding rings are as unique as the couple that wears them, but throughout history, wedding ring traditions have changed to reflect … Read More

What are Some of the Biggest Diamonds in the World and Where are They Located?

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Ranking the Biggest Diamonds in the World

Diamonds have long held our fascination, and there is no doubt that they rank as one of the most prized possessions on the planet due to their striking beauty. Still, there is nothing more fascinating for gemstone enthusiasts than a truly massive diamond, which is what makes the recent news from Lesotho so exciting. According to British-based mining company Gem … Read More

What is the History of European Jewelry?

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A History of European Jewelry from the Ancients Through the Victorians

A fish bone necklace was discovered in Monaco that dates back some 25,000 years. It may be difficult to fathom now given this Mediterranean principality’s history of wealth and privilege, but that necklace most likely represented for the wearer a certain status or position. The chronicle of European jewelry is one of evolution as tribes and civilizations traveled, rose to … Read More

What is the History of the Royal Crowns?

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What is the History of the Royal Crowns?

The history of royal crowns stretches back a long way to the end of the Neolithic period when communities of hunter-gatherers began settling into permanent areas. Royal crowns have long been a symbol of authority, power, and sovereignty and made from the most prestigious and rare materials possible. It’s likely that the concept for a crown was inspired by features … Read More