History Of Jewelry

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Art Deco Jewelry Design: A Look Back at the Roaring Twenties

The art deco era of the 1920s and 1930s was a time of change…


Engagement Ring Styles Through the Ages: An Evolution in Design

Throughout history, people have worn and exchanged engagement rings as symbols of love, commitment,…


Tennis Bracelet History: How A Jewelry Icon Made Its Mark

If you’re a fashion enthusiast, a jewelry collector, or you’re following Tennis Core on…


Very Superstitious: The Legends and Stories Behind Lucky Jewelry

Superstition keeps us in the habit of performing rituals, like carrying a lucky penny…


Timeless Jewelry and Watch Pieces to Buy Now and Keep Forever

Trends may come and go, but there are some timeless pieces that never seem…


What Decade Does Your Jewelry Box Belong To?

It’s no secret that jewelry means something different to everybody, different every year, and…

How to Tell the Difference Between Fine Silver and Sterling Silver

How to Tell the Difference Between Silver and Sterling Silver

“Is there even a difference? I thought they were the same!” It is almost…

Famous Pieces of Vintage Jewelry

What are Some of the Most Famous Pieces of Vintage Jewelry?

Throughout history, society has been fascinated by all things glamorous and dazzling. From the…

jewelry heists

What are Some of the Greatest Jewelry Heists?

Jewelry heists make for some of the best movies in recent history. But they’re…