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What Decade Does Your Jewelry Box Belong To?

Written by Chiara
May 1, 2018

It’s no secret that jewelry means something different to everybody, different every year, and there is no one right way to wear it. So the question is which decade does your jewelry box belong to? Read below to find out more on jewelry through the decades!



1920’s- “The Great Gatsby”

Everybody was smearing themselves in Art-Deco styled luxury. Due to the economic boom, everyone was glamorizing themselves with lavish jewelry like geometric pendants, pearls and diamonds. Although pearls were THE thing to have around your neck, and for those who couldn’t afford the real thing, there were fakes being sold on every corner! Probably why pearls have been a constant piece of jewelry through the decades!






1930’s- “Hollywood Glamour”

This was the time that plastic had started being introduced into jewelry along with moonstones that could look like the real thing. These included glass, copper, alloy, paper, paint, wood and many others.




Jewelry designed by Emi Conner


1940’s- “A Diamond is Forever”

This famous ad campaign describes the 40’s perfectly as every woman decided that they NEEDED a diamond engagement ring. The bigger, the better. Although pearls, precious stones, and white & yellow gold were still vastly popular.






1950’s- “Everybody has to look Perfect”

The 50’s really saw a move in trends during these years, towards more sets that accentuated their feminity for a more “together look”. Women in general started to move towards a liberal sober design. Simple pearls were making women feel like a thousand bucks!







1960’s- “A Cry for Freedom!”

Plastic was fully vitalised in jewelry making, due to the ability to change shape and colour, and it was cheap. Layered necklaces, stacked bangles and rings in bright colours were the go-to-look then. The floral psychedelic colours also encouraged the hippie invasion especially in jewelry with headbands and homemade accessories.




1970’s- “We are Soul Sisters”

The bold pieces started to tone down, with darker colours emerging moving onto beaded jewelry becoming the next big thing and large gold earrings being revamped. Don’t forget Boho styled jewels originated from here as well, which we definitely still see today!







1980’s- “Do you want to kiss me?”

This decade was scandalously known for liberal women being big and beautiful with their clothing and their jewelry, from exaggerated in size and colour to mis-matching. This was the decade of the statement jewelry, highlighting the beauty of the era.








1990’s- “Girls just like to have fun!”

Everything was about being silly and having fun with jewelry like jelly bracelets, chokers and mood rings!  From items like alien rings to ying-yangs to large gold bling, the more colourful and tacky it was, the 90’s seemed to love it!





Jewelry Designed by Ashley Carson


2000’s- 2010’s- “We don't walk alone”

Moving into the Noughties, we still encouraged a bit of silly jewelry like livestrong bands, and plastic watches but also became more minimalistic like leather bracelets and gold watches. It is difficult to categorize this decade as there became many jewelry trends towards the end from the introduction of technology. The general jist is the more the merrier, with the love for layering returning! So if you like a bit of all jewelry through the decades, then this is your time!



So the question is, what is the decade you belong to? Comment your era below!

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