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How to Tell the Difference Between Silver and Sterling Silver

Written by Chiara
April 30, 2018

“Is there even a difference? I thought they were the same!”

It is almost rare to find someone who knows the difference now, but after reading this article- you will be able to say you are that one step closer to understanding the similarities and differences between Fine Silver and Sterling Silver!

Silver has been used for thousands of years in a variety of ways, not only for jewelry.It’s uses ranged from ornamental to medicinal. It was used by people all over the world, in all lifestyles and religions, and thought of as a precious holding.  Rich families would own silver in the form of jewelry, utensils, religious talismans and decor. Most people would use silver for currency and trading, but when it was given as a gift, it was seen as a symbol of trust and love. Amazingly enough, Silver was used as a medicine until as late as the 1930’s because silver has antibiotic properties, so when antibiotics were invented in the 30’s, silver was no longer essential in the medicinal manner. Amazingly, now silver is worth only 2% of what it was worth 500 years ago!

Similarities and Differences of Fine Silver and Sterling Silver


Care For Your Silver

Even though Fine Silver is easy to tarnish, it doesn’t automatically mean it will! With proper care, it can last a lifetime, just follow these simple steps:

  • Store it in a cloth pouch or a different section of the jewelry box so it won’t rub against your other pieces
  • Avoid exposure to household chemicals such as bleach, ammonia or chlorine
  • Clean your silver regularly, whether it is sterling or fine silver, it still needs some TLC! The chemicals in the air such as sulfur and hydrogen sulfide which causes the silver to naturally dull over time.
  • You can do this by firstly rinsing with water, dry and buff with a soft cloth and you’re done!
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Very interesting. Found out what I was looking for


Good comparison. Thanks !

Jeff C Knox

Thanks. Easy and informative

Chuck Smiar

I have 4 medallion like coins that I won in Las Vegas. They were supposed to be 999 silver, how do I tell if they are


Not sure, since they’re not jewelry they won’t have the same requirements for metal stamping. You could try to see if they have a 999 mark on them.

Ella Hummel

I ordered a piece that the ad stated was sliver instead of sterling silver. I’ve always used sterling silver so if the ad says just the word “silver” alone does that mean the piece is pure silver or sterling silver? It’s too late to get a refund.


Hi Ella, the piece should be made of silver. You’ll need a metal test to verify if it’s sterling or not!