What You Need to Know About Silver Polishing


Silver is a great precious metal; it’s beautiful, it’s shiny, and best of all it’s very affordable! But unlike gold and platinum, silver can tarnish over time from exposure to chemicals, air, and sweat. So how do you get it back into its original sparkling state? Here’s what you need to know about silver polishing.

How To Clean Sterling Silver


Sterling silver is a great metal; after all, it’s affordable, easy to work with, and has some value as a precious material. But unlike its other jewelry counterparts such as gold and platinum, it does have the tendency to get dirty and change color over time. Cleaning it isn’t quite as straightforward as you might think from all the articles … Read More

How to Tell the Difference Between Silver and Sterling Silver

How to Tell the Difference Between Fine Silver and Sterling Silver

“Is there even a difference? I thought they were the same!” It is almost rare to find someone who knows the difference now, but after reading this article- you will be able to say you are that one step closer to understanding the similarities and differences between Fine Silver and Sterling Silver! Silver has been used for thousands of years … Read More