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How to Upgrade Your Collection with Colorful Jewelry That Pops

Written by Anna Currell
April 28, 2023

Not only is a pop of color very trendy, but colorful jewelry is also a fun way to express your personality. Especially for spring, you might be tempted to brighten up your collection — but you don’t have to buy an entirely new piece of jewelry to do it. Instead, add a pop of color to the pieces you already love. In this article, we’ll explore how you can incorporate the colorful jewelry trend into your collection.

Colorful Jewelry Trend

The artistic trend of adding bright, bold colors to your accessories is everywhere this spring; a multi-colored charm necklace, a bright beaded bracelet, or a chunky neon acrylic ring can all become your go-to staple to liven up any look. Whether you go for a royal sapphire ring or a maximalist patterned necklace, you can wear this trend as subtly, classily, or playfully as you’d like. Dress monochromatically in neutral colors and make your jewelry the main attraction, or make your entire outfit a rainbow with exciting hues from head to toe.

How to Add Color to Your Current Jewelry

Ready to try the colorful jewelry trend for yourself? Here are a few ways to turn your favorite pieces into colorful works of art:


Enamel is a durable and versatile material that can add a pop of color to any piece of jewelry. It’s a glass-like substance that is fused to metal through a high-temperature firing process. Enamel is available in a range of colors so you can create exactly the look you’re going for, from simple shapes to intricate designs. Because of its versatility, enamel is a great way to add color to any type of jewelry already in your collection, especially metal pieces like pendants, bracelets, earrings, or rings. Enamel jewelry is easy to care for and can last for years when properly maintained. To take care of your enamel jewelry, simply wipe it clean with a soft cloth after each wear and avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures.



E-coating is a modern technique that’s becoming increasingly popular in the jewelry world. It uses the process of electroplating to add a thin layer of colored lacquer to the surface of a piece of jewelry. E-coating is similar to enamel in that it is durable and available in a range of colors, and it’s commonly used in costume jewelry because it’s so affordable. With that said, e-coating is also sometimes used in high-end jewelry because it provides vibrant, long-lasting color that is resistant to fading and chipping. E-coated jewelry is easy to care for and can be wiped clean with a soft cloth.


Gemstone Replacement

Another way to add a pop of color to your existing jewelry collection is to replace the gems in your jewelry with more colorful stones. Gemstones come in a range of colors, from the rich red of rubies to the cool blue of sapphires and everything in between. You can replace the gemstone on almost any piece of jewelry, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The cost of gemstone replacement varies depending on the type of stone, the jewelry setting, and the complexity of the replacement process. 


Other Ways to Add Color

There are many other ways to add a pop of color to your jewelry collection. Here are some other techniques to consider:

  • Beads: Beads are a fun and affordable way to add color to your jewelry collection. They come in a range of colors and you can use them to add dimension to your bracelets, necklaces, or earrings.
  • Fabric: You can use fabric to add colorful tassels, ribbons, and other embellishments to your favorite pieces of jewelry. Adding texture and color to your pieces in this way packs a punch.
  • Paint: If you have a steady hand and a creative spirit, you can use paint to add color to your jewelry yourself. Decorate metal or wooden charms, pendants, and other accessories to add some color to your collection. 

Adding color to your jewelry collection is a fun and easy way to express your personality and style. Whether you prefer bold and bright hues or subtle shades, there is a technique that can help you create the perfect piece of colorful jewelry. Our team of experts at Quick Jewelry Repairs can help you achieve an entirely new look; whether you’d like to add enamel, e-coat your piece, or replace a gemstone, our professionals can give your jewelry a colorful makeover in no time.

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