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gold plating crown

Customer Spotlight: Gold Plating a Crown from the Philippines

When it comes to our gold plating service, we receive a lot of jewelry…and…

building custom ring with jewelry components

Customer Spotlight: Building a Custom Ring Using Different Jewelry Components

So let's say you have an idea about jewelry. You want to create a…


Restoring a Locket That’s Been Passed Down for 4 Generations

Alright- as jewelers, we can go on and on about how much we love…

jewelry conversion earrings

People Behind The Pieces: Carla’s Antique Rhinestone Earrings

You ever look at some old pieces of jewelry and think; “Wow, I really…

christine four ring repairs

People Behind The Pieces: Christine Jackowski’s Four Rings

You know, we really think one of the most rewarding things about our job…