5 Interesting Customer Stories You Should Check Out


Recently we had 5 customers come to us, each with unique items and special instructions on what they wanted. We were more than happy to oblige; we love it when customers use our services in creative ways to achieve the results they want! Read more to check out what they did with their jewelry.

Jewelry Modification: What’s Doable?

jewelry modification

Repurposing and upcycling are the buzzwords of today, and we absolutely love it when our customers come in with old pieces and new ideas. But jewelry modification isn’t always easy, and the possibilities are endless. Read on to learn more about what’s actually viable when it comes to changing up your jewelry.

Breakdown of Custom Jewelry Creation [Infographic]


So you’re prepared to get a custom jewelry creation…and then you flinch at the price quoted. In reality, most custom creations are reasonably priced. Consider the metal, the labor, the stones (if necessary) and just think about the fact that this is one unique piece being created expressly for you! Take a look at our custom creation pricing breakdown below.