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The Four Cs of Diamond Quality: Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat

Evaluating diamond quality may sound like a complicated endeavor, but gemologists have been using…


How to Buy Durable Jewelry for Your Lifestyle

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What is the Meaning of Different Types of Birthstones?

A person’s birthstone is assigned to them by their month of birth. Each birthstone…

How can you understand the value of your jewelry?

How Can You Really Tell the Value of Your Jewelry?

It can be tricky to truly know the monetary value of your jewelry. A…

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How Do You Know if Your Jewelry is Made from Real Gold?

Could you spot a fake? While we would all like to think that we…

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What are Some of the Best Destinations to Buy Jewelry?

Traveling is an awesome way to experience different cuisines, experiences, and cultures. Each culture…