How to become a more conscious jewelry consumer

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Your purchases hold a lot of power. This is why more and more people are taking care to consider the impact their choices make on others and on the earth. There are certainly some extreme examples of minimalism, waste-free living, and more that can make conscious consumerism seem intimidating. But there are many things you can do to become a more … Read More

The Brooch Repair Field Guide

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Brooches and pins can be beautiful and functional ornaments…until they’re broken or out of style. Fortunately, a jeweler can easily fix up a broken brooch or convert a pin into another piece of beautiful jewelry. Read on to learn more about brooch repair.

How to Identify Mourning and Memento Mori Jewelry

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As part of our month-long Halloween celebration, we’ll be featuring spooky blog posts every Friday! This week’s spooky jewelry post is about mourning and memento mori jewelry- a unique style of jewelry that is still highly influential to designers today! Read on to learn how to identify it and why it’s so scarily delicious for any jewelry collector.

4 Ways to Identify Antique and Vintage Jewelry

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Maybe you’ve inherited something from your grandma, or you’ve recently been into thrift shops- you want to know more about your jewelry, and the only thing that you’re sure of is that it’s old. But where to start? Well, check out our antique jewelry identification guide below.

Antique Jewelry Restoration

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Perhaps you have something that your grandpa passed down to you, or you got lucky with a lot of jewelry at an auction. Either way, you have some old, antique jewelry that looks grimy and tarnished, and you’re not too sure how to go about fixing it up without damaging it. Read more to learn about antique jewelry restoration.