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Pawn Shop Jewelry: How to Negotiate a Better Pawn Shop Price for Your Jewelry

Written by Anna Currell
May 12, 2023

Pawn shops can be a great resource for people who need quick cash or want to sell their jewelry. However, getting the best possible price for your jewelry requires some knowledge and negotiation skills. In this article, we'll cover some tips and strategies for negotiating a better price for your pawn shop jewelry.

Do Your Research

Before you go to the pawn shop, do your research on the value of your jewelry. Look up the current market value for similar pieces of jewelry, and be aware of any important factors that could affect the value, such as the condition of the piece or the rarity of the materials used. This will give you a better idea of what price to expect from the pawn shop. If you happen to have an appraisal document for your jewelry, bring it with you to the pawn shop; it will give the owner a sense of the value and authenticity of your pieces. 

Be Prepared to Negotiate

Don't accept the first price offered by the pawn shop. Be prepared to negotiate and ask for a better price. However, be realistic in your expectations and don't be too aggressive; the point of doing your research beforehand is so that you can anticipate what will be considered fair both for you and for the pawn shop. Remember that the store owner is trying to make a profit when they resell your pawn shop jewelry, so they may not be able to offer you the full value of your piece.

Clean and Present Your Jewelry Well

A clean and well-presented piece of jewelry can make a good impression on the pawnbroker and increase the perceived value of your item. Make sure to remove any dirt or grime by cleaning your jewelry well; use warm water with a little bit of dish soap and a soft cloth to clean your pieces. You can also get your jewelry professionally cleaned to be sure it's in its best condition for resale.


The aquamarine in this rose gold ring needed a good cleaning to show off its original beauty.

Understand the Pawn Shop's Markup

Pawn shops typically markup the price of jewelry by a certain percentage to make a profit. Understanding this markup can help you negotiate a fair price. For example, if the pawn shop marks up the price by 50%, you may want to negotiate to get at least 25% more than the initial offer. This way, you can still get a better price for your jewelry, while the pawn shop can still make a profit. 

Look for Alternative Options

If you're not happy with the price one pawn shop offers you, consider visiting other shops in the area to see if they’re able to offer you a better deal. You may also want to consider selling your jewelry through other channels, such as online marketplaces or consignment shops. Keep in mind that different buyers may have different opinions on the value of your jewelry, so it's worth shopping around. Be patient and persistent in your efforts to get the best possible price for your jewelry.

Build a Rapport with the Pawnbroker

If you're a regular customer at a pawn shop, try to build a rapport with the pawnbroker. This can help you negotiate better prices in the future, as the pawnbroker will be more likely to give you a good deal if they know you're a loyal customer. Building a relationship with the pawnbroker can also make the negotiation process more pleasant and less adversarial.


Be Aware of the Pawn Shop's Policies

Each pawn shop has different policies when it comes to negotiating prices. Some may be more willing to negotiate than others, while others may have strict policies in place that limit the amount they can offer. Be aware of these policies before you start negotiating. If the pawn shop has a policy of not negotiating on the price and you don’t like their offer, you may need to consider other options.

Don't Be Afraid to Walk Away

If you're not happy with the price offered by the pawn shop and feel like you're not getting a fair deal, don't be afraid to walk away. Sometimes, the pawnbroker may change their mind and offer a better price when they see that you're serious about getting a fair deal. And if not, you can always keep shopping your pieces around for the price you’re looking for. 

Negotiating a better pawn shop price for your jewelry requires some research, preparation, and a willingness to be flexible. But by doing a little bit of legwork up front to prepare yourself for negotiation, you can be sure that you’re getting the best deal for your jewelry pieces. Looking for more helpful pawn shop jewelry tips? Sign up for the Quick Jewelry Repairs newsletter below to get all kinds of jewelry maintenance, repair, and trend tips sent directly to your inbox!

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