How to Personalize Jewelry with Engraving

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how to personalize jewelry with engraving rings

Having a piece engraved is a great way to enhance your special pieces of jewelry. Not only an opportunity to give them a second life, engraving a piece is a great way to add a personal touch and enhance one of our favorite pieces. Read on to check out all of the pieces you can get personalize and get engraved. … Read More

Upgrade Jewelry For The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

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The day of love is almost here. And for many that might mean shelling out the big bucks for a killer piece of jewelry; while others might opt for something simpler. While it’s always nice to receive a piece of gorgeous jewelry, this Valentine’s Day we have another option for you! Why not fix or enhance your loved ones favorite … Read More

Why Do We Wear a Wedding Ring on the Left Hand?

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learn more about the history of wedding ring

If the average American were asked which finger the wedding ring is worn on, they would all give the same answer. Residents of the United States are aware a wedding ring is worn on the left hand, but the majority of them do not understand why. There are questions as to whether the bride and groom must place the rings … Read More

7 Ways to Deal with a Disappointing Jewelry Gift

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how to deal with a disappointing jewelry gift

Jewelry is such a special gift to give to a loved one. A sweet way to show how much you care and adore someone in your life, there’s so much consideration, thought and research that goes into making this big purchasing decision. So it can be a real bummer when you get a piece of jewelry, that’s, well, disappointing. As … Read More

What are The Common Types of Baby Bracelets?

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Bracelets have long been a popular jewelry tradition for women and men. Recently, infant bracelets have risen again in popularity. Gifting small bracelets to young children signifies importance and generosity on the part of the gifter. Occasions may include christenings, birthdays, and holidays. Different types of infant bracelets are available to suit a wide variety of aesthetic tastes. Common Types … Read More

Kids and Sports: When Should You Leave the Jewelry at Home?

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sports and kids and the jewelry you shouldn't be wearing

When it comes to kids and sports, most parent’s primary concern is the safety of their children. A potential risk that is often overlooked, though, is when kids are playing with jewelry on. Unfortunately, middle-aged to high school-aged kids are known for being inclined towards stubbornness and having a reluctance to listen to rules or their parents. Kids who fall … Read More