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How to Get Started With Class Ring Stone Replacement

Written by Annabelle
March 17, 2020

Class rings are hefty pieces of jewelry, but they aren’t half as durable as they look, especially when it comes to the stones! If your stone is worn down or broken, here’s how you can fix it up or get it replaced.

Things to Consider Before Class Ring Stone Replacement


An assortment of class and military rings.

Unlike fine jewelry and costume jewelry, class rings are in their own separate category when it comes to the stones in their design. Many stones used in class rings are either genuine gemstones, such as onyx and tiger’s eye, or glass and synthetic gemstones. Complex class rings may even have specially cut stones, or metal emblems that are inserted into the middle of the stone. 

Another thing that you need to take into consideration is the metal of the ring. Class rings are well known for unique, proprietary metals created by class ring manufacturers such as Jostens or Herff Jones. These unique metals are often designed to give rings a certain durability or appearance at a more affordable price. For instance, Jostens creates rings from a patented alloy known as Solaris Elite, a yellow metal that mimics the appearance of gold without the cost.

The metal of your ring is important because it will affect how the jeweler can set it. Since many class rings are made from tough metals such as stainless steel, you can’t send your ring to a local jeweler because they will not have the proper equipment to work with the setting. So how do you go about finding someone who can replace your class ring’s stone? Here’s how you can get started.

How to replace your class ring stone

  1. Find a jeweler who can do the work: Not every jeweler can supply, cut, and set class ring stones in-house, so dropping your ring off at a local jeweler may result in a firm “No” or extra costs as the jeweler will have to send your ring out to another facility. To find a jeweler who can handle class rings, check out companies that deal with stainless steel jewelry and offer stone replacement as a service (like us!)
  2. Evaluate the stone: Once you’ve found a capable jeweler, the ring is now in their hands. The jeweler examines the damage to the stone, as it could be worn down, cracked, chipped, or completely broken. Depending on the damage, the jeweler can recommend a specific course of action.
    For stones that are worn down or chipped, we often polish down the existing stone so the client can retain the original gem and restore its appearance. The polishing process only removes the damaged surface of the stone, taking away any shallow blemishes to reveal the unbroken stone underneath.


    A class ring stone before and after polishing

    For broken stones, the only way to restore the class ring is to remove them and replace them with a new stone. In this case, the jeweler moves the ring through the stone replacement process. 

  3. Remove the original stone and take measurements: To get started, the jeweler has to measure the dimensions of the new stone. If the original ring’s stone is mostly intact, the jeweler can remove it and measure its length, width, and height. If the stone is broken and incomplete, or missing, the jeweler removes any remaining fragments from the ring and measures the setting.


    A class ring with a completely broken stone.

  4. Supply and cut the new stone: After the jeweler determines the measurements, the jeweler then checks with the lapidary to get a new stone. Depending on the stone, the lapidary may supply the same type of stone, or a synthetic gemstone if the original was glass. Certain stones can take a while to source, so the process may range from 1-3 weeks. Once the lapidary sources the stone, it’s cut to match the dimensions of the setting. The recutting takes approximately 3-5 days.
  5. Set the new stone: When the stone is ready, the lapidary passes it over to the jeweler. Most class rings are bezel set; this means that a thick rim of metal surrounds the stone and holds it in place. While it gives the ring a seamless look, this setting is tricky to work with, especially with tough metals such as stainless steel or siladium. The jeweler pushes the rim of the bezel back, cleaning out the setting to ensure that no residue or dirt is left before setting, and eases the stone into place. Once the stone is resting flat in the setting, the jeweler then hammers the rim back into position to hold the stone.


    The class ring after stone replacement and polishing.

Now you’re ready to get started on class ring stone replacement! Don’t let years of wear and tear or procrastination stop you from restoring your class ring. If you have a piece you want to fix, comment below and we’ll help you out. 

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Myra Cline

How Much It Costs To Get A Stone Replaced If The Other Fell Out Of Ring


Hi Myra, stone setting starts around $30 depending on the base metal of the ring and type and style of the stone. Here is a link with more info and how you can place an order with us!

Jesus Ortiz

my stone fell out of my ring i need a green oval stone and I can just superglue green is my birth stone


Hi there, I don’t suggest super glue since the glue could spread to other areas of the ring. We can definitely help set the stone for you! Could you please provide a picture of the ring and stone?

Brook Rowe

My husband has a class ring with metal SAE letters in Onyx. The A has fallen out of the stone. Is this something you are able to fix?


Hi Brook, please send us a picture to our email [email protected] for further assistance!


The stone fell out of my senior ring. Can it be replaced with just gold instead of a stone. My mothers senior is all gold and I like the look of it.


Hi Rhonda, we’ll reach out shortly via email for further details!

Hubertha Nola

Yes I need stone replacement and the engraving


We’ll reach out to you via email shortly!

Santos Martinez

Hi wanted to see what can be done to get my ring fixed. I’ve heard that if u go somewhere other then keystone, warranty will be voided. Family members purchased my ring.. only part is don’t know where the family member exactly got the ring from. How can I get it fixed or check if my warranty is still valid or not.. Thank you and please respond at your earliest convenience.. Again THANK YOU, VERY MUCH..



Hi Santos, we’ll reach out via email with further details!

Mel Goudge

I have a cheap, stainless Josten class ring with a fractured, plain onyx… but the ring has special meaning to me. Can it be fixed? How much? How?


Hi Mel, we’ll be in touch via email with further details! 🙂

Suzanne Sanschagrin

I was in the first graduating Class of 1970 from Holy Family Diocesam High School, South Huntington, NY 11746. We designed our own ring.
It was gol bezel set with a black design on it. Mine and others were either lost or stolen.

How much to replace it? I believe the last graduating class from Holy Family was in 1986, so it should be on file.

I can’t locate it. on your list of rings.


Hi Suzanne, You have reached out to Quick Jewelry Repairs. We are not a class ring manufacturer but we can help replicate one for you. We’ll reach out via email with further details!

Colleen snow

I lost my youngest son in an automobile accident when he was 18 I have his class ring but the stone is broke and I would like to get it fixed what do I need to do

Heather Nuckles

My class ring is a Jostens but it is REAL GOLD 10 K Possibly the Stone just Needs a Good Polishing Now tht I Have Compared it to the Example Pics On this Page!!! I live in Rutherford county So the Bad news is Not alot of Jewerlers in My Area!!! Help!!! How do i post a Pic i dont see the Option to Upload one!!!???


Hi Heather, We’ll reach out via email with further details on our stone polishing service.


I need my stone replaced


Hi Yvette, we’ll reach out via email to request photos!

Janet Waldie

I need to replace the broken stone (green lab created) in my friend’s ring from a trucking company for 25 years of service. Where do I start? Can you estimate a price?


Definitely something we can help with! I’ve followed up directly via email 🙂

Rick Black

I would like my father’s 1951 class ring Josten repaired. It needs a new stone as the current one is crack and a new school emblem mounted on the stone as the original was lost. What steps do I need to do to get this repaired.


We can definitely assist with this – I’ve followed up directly via email 🙂

Lisa VanWy

I have a military ring and the faux sapphire is gone so I need a new stone put back in.


Totally up our alley! I’ve followed up with next steps via email 😀

Bruce Zitka

I have lost my 1976 college ring’s aquamarine stone. Can it be replaced?


Almost certainly! I’ve followed up with next steps via email 😁

Debbie Peck

The stone on my husband’s class ring is cracked and I would like to replace it so it can be handed down to his son.


​We do this sort of thing all the time, should be no problem! I’ve followed up directly via email with next steps 😉


Cost to reset a colored glass stone in class ring? The stone is intact just a bunch of chipped areas. The base metal is stainless steel or sterling silver. I would like the replacement stone to be smooth oval shape as to minimize future chips. Thanks

Ron Diaz

Hi, Howard. We tried reaching out via email to let you know of the next steps, but it seems like the email you provided is no longer active.


Class ring stone cracked and came out. Looking to replace the amethyst. 10 or 12k gold.


Hi Paula, Happy to help! We’ve reached out via email with further details.


My dad recently passed and I have his high school ring. The stone fell out long ago. I would like to get stone replaced.

Ron Diaz

Hi Brent, thank you so much for your comment. We’d love to help you out. I reached out via email to assist you further.

Robert Womack

I am trying to purchase a college class ring, but none of the companies I have spoken with can give me the black fire opal stone I want for the setting. If I purchase the ring from the company, would you be able to source a black fire opal I like and set the stone in the ring?

Ron Diaz

Hi Robert, thank you so much for your comment! We’d love to see how we can help. I reached out via email to assist you further 🙂


Hi.. The man made emerald stone on my college class ring is cloudy and worn down with a tarnished look. Can it be polished down? If so, what is the cost and process. Thank you.

Ron Diaz

Hi Tim, thank you so much for your comment! I reached out via email to help you with your class ring 🙂

Garry weaver

I have a 10 k white gold class ring i need stone replacement wanted to know if can be done