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11 Different Ring Types You Should Know About

Written by Anna Currell
September 6, 2023

When you think of a ring, the classic, diamond engagement ring might come to mind. Or maybe you picture a simple gold band. But there are so many different types of rings beyond these — you might not even know that some of them have names. In this article we’ll explore eleven different ring types you should know about and discuss their typical features so you can be informed while you’re on the hunt for a new ring. Let’s take a look at some beautiful ring types!

#1: Class Ring

A class ring often comes with a sense of nostalgia and pride — it represents the completion of a specific educational milestone. Class rings are typically embellished with a graduation year and school emblem. They can also be customized with additional symbols or gemstones that signify the graduate’s unique educational journey, like what they majored in or any special merits they received. These rings serve as a tangible reminder of academic achievements and school memories so you can always keep your alma mater close at hand.


A class ring stone before and after polishing

#2: Signet Ring

Tracing back to ancient times, signet rings are a traditional style that features a flat or slightly domed surface that is often either engraved or enameled with a unique design. Historically, royalty and other important individuals used their signet rings as personal seals to authenticate documents or sign their correspondence. Today, signet rings have evolved into stylish accessories that often symbolize heritage or personal identity with a family crest or monogram, for example.

#3: Mother’s Ring

To celebrate the special bond of motherhood, a mother's ring is designed with multiple gemstones that represent her children. These rings can be customized with birthstones, initials, or other custom elements, making them sentimental and cherished pieces of jewelry that can grow over time along with a family. Mother's rings serve as a beautiful reminder of the love and connection shared within a family unit.

#4: Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a symbol of love and commitment exchanged between partners before they enter into marriage. Typically featuring a diamond or other precious gemstone surrounded by smaller accent stones or intricate metalwork, engagement rings are designed to capture the essence of a couple's unique love story and signify the next phase of their commitment. A proposal with an engagement ring represents the promise of a long future together. 

#5: Wedding Ring

Partners typically exchange wedding rings or wedding bands during a marriage ceremony. Unlike engagement rings, which are often more elaborate and flashy, wedding rings are usually designed to be simpler and more understated. They are typically made from a durable metal such as gold or platinum, symbolizing the everlasting marital bond and strengthening the ring against everyday wear and tear. Exchanging wedding rings signifies the couple's commitment to each other and to their union.

#6: Claddagh Ring

The traditional Irish Claddagh ring features three distinctive symbols: a heart representing love, a crown symbolizing loyalty, and hands symbolizing friendship. The Claddagh ring holds significant cultural meaning both within Ireland and for people around the world; it is a popular ring choice representing love, friendship, and loyalty. Depending on how it’s worn, the Claddagh ring can also be used to indicate someone’s relationship status.

#7: Eternity Ring

An eternity ring is a band that features a line of diamonds or gemstones encircling the entire circumference of the ring. This continuous loop of sparkling stones symbolizes eternal love and commitment. Eternity rings are commonly given to mark significant milestones in a relationship, such as anniversaries, vow renewals, or the birth of a child. They serve as a beautiful testament to the lasting bond between two individuals while also nodding to a future together that will hopefully last forever.


This eternity band was sized down one size by taking out one stone.

#8: Cocktail Ring

Also known as a statement ring, a cocktail ring is typically a large and eye-catching piece that you might wear during special occasions or formal events. These rings often feature bold designs, vibrant gemstones, and intricate metalwork, making them stand out and adding a touch of glamor to any outfit. Cocktail rings were popular during the art deco period and are meant to make a statement and draw attention, reflecting your sense of style and personality with something that stands out instead of blending in.

#9: Birthstone Ring

Every month has a different gemstone associated with it called a birthstone. January’s is a garnet, February’s is an amethyst, and so on. Each gemstone has different properties, including unique colors, textures, and cultural associations. For example, July’s birthstone, the ruby, is associated with love and passion. Birthstone jewelry makes for great gifts to make your jewelry present a little more personalized — especially for a birthday, of course.

#10: Promise Ring

A promise ring is a symbol of commitment and dedication between two individuals. It can signify any promise made in a relationship, such as a promise of exclusivity, fidelity, or future engagement — it’s sometimes called a pre-engagement ring. Couples might wear promise rings to symbolize an engagement soon to come, or friends might exchange them as a symbol of their commitment to a deep and lasting friendship. These rings serve as a tangible reminder of the promises people share and their intention to honor them for the long haul.

#11: Puzzle Ring

A puzzle ring is an intriguing type of ring that consists of multiple interlocking bands or pieces. When disassembled, the ring forms a complex puzzle that requires skill and dexterity to put back together. Puzzle rings have a long history dating back centuries, and were originally used as a test of loyalty and fidelity. They are now worn as decorative and symbolic pieces, representing the complexity and interconnectedness of relationships — plus, they’re just plain fun.

We hope this guide helps you as you search for your next ring. Whether you’re giving it as a gift or keeping it for yourself, be sure that the ring fits well. Every finger is different and getting the right size can be tricky. Sending your ring to our team of expert jewelers at Quick Jewelry Repairs is a great, safe way to get the exact fit you need. We can size up or size down to make sure your ring fits perfectly, and get it back on your finger in no time.

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