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How Do You Get a Ring On and Off If You Have Fat Fingers

Written by Serena Norr
February 9, 2018

Everyone has different sized fingers, but if you have wide fingers, it can be way more different to get rings on. You could also run into problems with rings that used to fit perfectly if you gained some weight.

While it's never good to try and force a ring on your finger, there are a few ways you can slip rings on and off if they're just a bit tight. Here are a few tips on everything from selecting rings to getting tight rings to fit better.

1. Choose the Right Ring Size

Your best bet is to avoid the problem by choosing a ring that fits you properly. If you're buying your ring in person, you can just ask to try on different sizes at the store to see which is the best fit. For online orders, you'll need to know your ring size.

There are a couple different methods to finding your ring size.

Check out our ring sizing chart that you can download to easily measure your finger at home. Just be sure to print the chart out correctly in order to get the sizes right.

Another option is to wrap a piece of string around your ring finger, and then measure the length of that portion of string. Compare this length to the lengths indicated in a ring size chart. If you're one of the many people in between two ring sizes, the general rule is that you should size up.

Now let's look at some of the things you can do if you already have the ring and need to find a way to get it on your finger.

2. Lubricate the Ring and Your Finger

Lubrication makes it much easier to slide a ring over your fingers. When it comes to lubricants, the following options will all work:

  • Glass cleaners, such as Windex
  • Butter
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Cooking oils
  • Moisturizer
  • Lotion
  • Soap

Glass cleaner is a good choice because it's the least likely to result in any scratches or stains on the ring. Of course, you'll also need to take any skin sensitivity and allergies into account.

For the best results, apply a liberal portion of the lubricant you choose on both the ring itself and your finger. When you attempt to put the ring on or take it off, use the fingers on your other hand to roll it a bit back and forth instead of simply trying to shove it on.

3. More Water, Less Salt

Your diet plays a major role in how much water your body retains. If your body retains too much water, your fingers could get a bit bigger. On the other hand, taking steps to reduce water retention can make your fingers a little smaller, helping you to slip a ring on.

The two keys to minimizing water retention is drinking more water and consuming less salt. When your body gets plenty of water, it doesn't feel the need to retain as much. Try aiming for 1 gallon of water per day. This is a good amount to keep yourself hydrated, even if you lead an active lifestyle.

4. Elevate Your Hand

This is a simple trick that can work in a pinch, especially if your hand is swollen. Put your hand in the air for a few minutes, making sure that your hand is higher than your heart. When you do this, you reduce the blood flow to your hand, which can cause your fingers to decrease in size a bit.

After you've had your hand in the air, it helps if you put your fingers in cold water. This will cause the blood vessels to narrow temporarily.

The reduced blood flow to your hand could be just what you need to get the ring on. Although this technique works best if you're dealing with a swollen hand, it can also help if your hand is its normal size.

5. Wrap Your Finger

If lubrication doesn't work for you or you just can't find a lubricant you like, another option to make sliding a ring on your finger easier is wrapping either tape or floss around that finger. This can tighten up fat fingers enough to get the ring over them. If you use floss, try also looping the floss under the ring, as this can help you pull the ring on and off.

This method is particularly effective for getting a ring over the knuckle of your finger, which tends to be the most difficult part of the job. You can compress that area just enough to pop the ring over onto an area with more give to it.

6. Don't Force It

While these tips can help with a stubborn ring, be careful when you use them. If a ring is truly too small for you, then you don't want it on your finger. It will feel uncomfortable throughout the day, it could cut off your circulation and getting it off will be a pain. You'll end up using these same methods every time you need to take the ring off or on, and that gets old fast.

For a ring you want to wear that has gotten too tight, it's best to bite the bullet and have it resized.

All these tricks can work when you need to get a ring on one time. Just remember that the only effective long-term solution is to choose a ring that fits you well.

These are all only temporary solutions- for a more permanent solution send it over to us for a quick resize!

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Sam jackson

that doesn’t work so i had to get my finger cut off.


No problem we can solder it back on for you ?