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5 Unexpected Reasons For Ring Resizing

Written by Quick Jewelry Repairs
October 18, 2021

Why Ring Resizing Might Be Necessary

One day you’re sliding on your favorite ring, and then the next day it’s either falling off or pinching so tightly you think you might need to run to the emergency room to cut it off. If this sounds familiar, you might be wondering why this is happening. Read more to learn about why you should consider ring resizing.

5 scenarios:

ring-resizing marriage ring

1. The Post-Honeymoon Weight: According to a study done by Medical Daily, on average people tend to gain 4.5 pounds after marriage! This happens because couples tend to do everything together for memorable experiences, including eating. If you’ve recently tied the knot, it may be a reason as to why your sparkler is pinching you on your ring finger.

ring-resizing woman pregnant ring

2. The Baby’s On The Way: Pregnant women have a hard time of it- their fingers swell and they gain weight in order to prepare for the big moment. Those factors can affect how they wear their jewelry as well.

ring-resizing woman holding cup rings

3. Major Life Changes: You finally got around to trying that keto diet that’s all the rage these days and all those pounds just dropped off. Now your fingers are skinny and your rings are way too big, so it’s probably time to get them sized down.

ring-resizing heirloom amethyst ring

4. Hand-Me-Downs: Your great-aunt just passed down a beautiful amethyst ring to you, and you’re pretty sure that your great-aunt has comparatively smaller fingers. Family heirlooms go through a lot of resizing as they’re passed down from descendant to descendant.

ring-resizing gift ring

5. Gifts – Whether it’s an engagement ring from your fiancee, a friendship ring from your partner-in-crime, or just a gift from someone in your life, there is a possibility of that ring being the wrong size. In that case, you’ll need a quick fix-me-up instead of just throwing it to the back of your jewelry box.


If you identify with any of these situations, it’s probably time for you to fix up your finger bling. Check out our ring resizing services today!

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