Is Platinum Jewelry Worth Buying?


Platinum is one of those precious jewelry metals that is both intriguing and confounding for customers. It’s typically worth more than gold, it has a very high purity content, but what else is it about platinum that makes it worthwhile to buy? Here’s our take on platinum jewelry.

Platinum vs. White Gold: The Best Metal For Jewelry


You’re debating between several options for your next jewelry purchase, and you just can’t make up your mind. You know you want a silvery-white color for that perfect piece, but the variety of metals available is simply bewildering. There’s white gold or platinum- which one should you choose? Learn more about platinum vs. white gold here.

Platinum Ring Resizing: The Process


Platinum rings are wonderful pieces of jewelry; the metal is lustrous and beautiful, without a tendency to turn yellow like white gold. So why is it so difficult and pricey to get them resized? Here’s the full rundown on platinum ring resizing.