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Is Platinum Jewelry Worth Buying?

Written by Annabelle
May 13, 2020

Platinum is one of those precious jewelry metals that is both intriguing and confounding for customers. It’s typically worth more than gold, it has a very high purity content, but what else is it about platinum that makes it worthwhile to buy? Here’s our take on platinum jewelry.

What is Platinum?

Platinum is a silvery-white precious metal that’s known for its resistance to tarnish, its hypoallergenic qualities, and its heft, or weight. Used in jewelry, it’s a very high quality metal that requires more work to manufacture, but it’s considered to be a better alternative to similar metals such as white gold and sterling silver.

What are the Pros and Cons of Platinum Jewelry?


This platinum ring is extremely scuffed and worn.

Platinum is ranked as the top metal out of all of the silvery-white jewelry metals, and with good reason. Its color does not change, and jewelry-grade platinum is commonly rated as 90-95% platinum content. In contrast, other metals such as white gold may only contain about 40 to 50% gold content, and the color of white gold is actually not white! White gold in its untreated form is a yellowish-gray color, since it’s a mixture of yellow gold and other metals such as nickel or silver to make it light. White gold sold on the market is plated with rhodium, a silvery metal that gives white gold a better appearance. Over time, the plating wears off and reveals the color of white gold underneath. In addition, the miscellaneous metals in white gold can cause allergic reactions for people who have sensitive skin, while platinum is hypoallergenic.

On the downside, platinum is very expensive to purchase and repair, and some jewelers cannot even work with the metal because they don’t have the equipment, materials, or experience to deal with its unique chemical properties. In addition, platinum scratches very easily, making this metal unsuitable for people who enjoy shiny polished jewelry. Most platinum jewelry items are sold with a brushed or matte finish, which helps to conceal the scratches accumulated by wear over time. Finally, since platinum isn’t easy to manufacture, the amount of available designs on the market is relatively limited compared to other materials such as gold or silver.

Should You Purchase Platinum?

If you’re not bothered by the scratches due to the softness of the metal, and you want a good, silvery-colored piece of jewelry without having to constantly polish or replate with rhodium, platinum is a solid choice. This metal has high resale value and is best for something with great sentimental value, such as a wedding ring or a family heirloom.

If you’re looking for something that is shiny and lower cost, stick with white gold and silver, as platinum can be quite an investment.

Now you know whether or not platinum jewelry is worth buying! Comment below if you have platinum jewelry that you want to repair and we can help you get started.

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