How to Replate Silver Plated Jewelry


Costume jewelry can be fun and affordable…until the plating starts to come off. If you’ve been wearing your beloved silvery piece a lot, you might notice that it’s starting to show a strange, red-yellow color in some areas. That means it’s time for you to touch up your item; read on to learn more about how to replate silver plated … Read More

Jewelry Repurposing: What to Do With Jewelry You Don’t Wear

Did you know that 70% of jewelry people own are left unworn in their jewelry boxes? From gaudy rings to heirloom brooches, a lot of valuable pieces sit around collecting dust. Fortunately, it’s time to rescue some of your jewelry from its prison with jewelry repurposing.

Why Should I Plate My Fake Jewelry with Precious Metal? 


Everyone loves costume jewelry- it’s affordable and comes in cute designs. But what to do when you’re experiencing an allergic reaction to the weird metal it’s made out of? How can you stop it from turning black? Plate it with precious metal, of course! Learn more about the process of plating fake jewelry here.

5 Ways to Enhance Your Existing Jewelry


People change, and so do their tastes in food, clothing, and jewelry. If you have a box of baubles that you don’t really touch any more, don’t just start tossing them away or giving it to your relatives-change it to suit your needs! Here are five ways to enhance jewelry.

Yellow Gold Vs Rose Gold: The Jewelry Debate

yellow gold vs rose gold

Yellow Gold Vs Rose Gold Yellow gold is classic and timeless, while rose gold has taken on an image as less conventional yet romantic. The big question is; which one wins in this week’s debate about the best jewelry metal? Read more to find out about the pros and cons of yellow gold vs rose gold.