How To Convert Earrings To A New Earring Style


Maybe they’re clip-ons. Maybe you don’t like wearing studs anymore. Whatever it is, you want to change up the style of your earrings and wear them differently. But how do you go about doing that? Here’s how to convert earrings into the style that you want; read on to learn more.

What to Know When Changing Earring Posts

Maybe they’re broken. Maybe they’re irritating your ears. Maybe you want something more secure. Whatever it is, you want to change the posts on your favorite pair of earrings. It’s a simple procedure in most cases, but what does the work really entail? Read on to learn more about how to change earring posts.

What Type of Earring Backs Works Best for You?


Earrings can’t be worn without earring backs- and these itty bitty pieces of metal come in different types! Depending on what type of earring lover you are, there is a matching earring back that best suits your lifestyle. Read on to find out more.