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From Runway to Real Life: How to Adapt High Fashion Jewelry Trends to Everyday Wear

Written by Anna Currell
May 16, 2023

People often consider high fashion jewelry to be unattainable. It makes sense — many of the trends are gorgeous, complicated, and unrealistic to wear out and about. But what if we told you that you can adapt these high fashion jewelry trends to suit your everyday looks? In this article, we'll explore how you can take high fashion jewelry trends and make them your own for brunch, happy hour, or at the office.

Layering with Chunky Chains

Layering with chunky chains is a trend that has been dominating the runways lately. It’s an excellent way to add dimension and interest to your outfit. While runway models are wearing dramatic, heavy chains, you can start with a simple chain necklace (or even a herringbone necklace) and then layer on a few more necklaces of varying lengths and styles. Mix and match different materials like gold, silver, and even leather, or add a pop of color with gemstones. 

Or if chunky isn’t really your vibe, opt for daintier, more delicate chains that still make a statement when layered together. Try mixing a simple gold choker with a longer chain necklace to create a dramatic layered effect that still works at a lunch meeting or a coffee date. The goal is to keep it simple; three or four layers are enough to make a statement without being overwhelming for a casual look.


Mixed Metal Jewelry

Gone are the days when you had to choose between gold and silver. Mixing metals is a trend that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It’s an excellent way to add interest to your jewelry collection; the key is to make sure that the metal hues complement each other.

Start by mixing a simple gold necklace with a pair of silver hoop earrings. This creates a harmonious look that is still wearable for daily activities. You can also mix and match different metal bangle bracelets or rings to create a cohesive yet striking look. If you love the effect and want to commit to it, opt for a mixed metal watch that ties together the whole effect. 

Statement Hoop Earrings

Statement hoop earrings have been making a comeback on the runway in recent years. From oversized hoops to geometric shapes, there’s a style for everyone. They can take a basic outfit and turn it into something bold and extraordinary. But how do you make them work for your everyday life? By keeping the rest of your jewelry minimal.

To adapt this trend into your everyday accessories, try opting for smaller hoop earrings that are still statement-making, but not as overwhelming. You can also choose a more delicate style that incorporates other trends, like mixed metals or gemstones. Pair them with a simple necklace or bracelet to keep the focus on the statement earrings.


Cuff Bracelets

Thick cuff bracelets have become a fashion staple in recent years, and it looks like they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. While the runway trends tend to go larger than life, you can easily achieve this trend with a minimized, modified version. 

Start with a simple, standard cuff bracelet in gold or silver that will go with most outfits, so you can have a bold, solid piece for any occasion. Then, add a few more cuffs of varying widths and styles to play around with the combinations and see what fun effects you can achieve. Mix and match different materials like leather, enamel, and gemstones to create your own personalized look.

Bold Rings

Bold rings are a great way to add some personality to any outfit. From chunky gemstone rings to statement cocktail rings, there’s a style for everyone. To make this trend work for you, choose one or two statement rings and keep the rest of your jewelry minimal. You can opt for a statement ring with a simple and minimalistic design that can be worn with any outfit. For a more subtle look, you can stack a few delicate rings on top of each other to create a layered effect without being too overwhelming. 

Adapting high fashion jewelry trends to everyday wear is all about finding the right balance. By choosing statement pieces that complement your outfit and keeping the rest of your jewelry and clothing simple, you can elevate your everyday style without being too overwhelming. Don't be afraid to experiment and find what works for you. Remember, fashion is all about self-expression and having fun with your style! To keep your favorite pieces in their best condition, send them to get polished by our professional jewelers.

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