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The Return of Retro Jewelry: 7 Vintage-Inspired Trends You Need to Know About

Written by Anna Currell
April 12, 2023

As fashion ebbs and flows, it's inevitable that the jewelry trends that were popular in the past will eventually come back around (even if it takes a few decades). But when these trends reemerge, they often have a fun twist or a new take. This spring, we’re seeing new takes on retro jewelry trends everywhere. Let’s look at seven of the hottest vintage-inspired retro jewelry trends you need to know:

#1: Shoulder Drop Earrings

The chic, roaring twenties trend of dangling earrings that brush your shoulders is making a comeback. These elegant statement earrings can give your look some movement; they’ll swing and sway every time you turn your head, making them the unmissable centerpiece of your outfit. Whether you wear these elongated pieces with tassel, bead, or gemstone embellishments, these earrings are fun to wear to a wedding with a strapless gown or even to happy hour as a way to jazz up a jeans and blazer look.  

#2: Art Deco Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings are an art deco favorite, and they’re back in a big way (if Lizzo wears them, we want them too). They often feature bright, colorful, gemstones, but the fun of cocktail rings is that there’s a lot of room to play. They usually have a large, bold central stone or a cluster of smaller stones, and they often use decorative settings featuring intricate metal work or elaborate detailing. You can wear a cocktail ring to special occasions or formal events, paired with elegant evening wear or other dressy attire, but you can also use them to dress up a more casual look. The name is thought to have originated in the 1920s, when women would wear these rings to speakeasies and parties; cocktail rings glittered perfectly as the wearer nursed a drink. 


#3: Dangly Charms

Charms have made their way through plenty of fashion eras — via necklaces, bracelets, and even anklets — and they’re back in a fun and funky way. While charms from the Victorian era (popularized by Queen Victoria herself) were typically sophisticated and elegant, the charms of today are usually playful, whimsical, and even zany. Wear a necklace with a few colorful and imaginative choices — you could mix a green cactus charm, yellow sun charm, and red mushroom charm, or you could even wear Haribo gummy charms that dangle from your hoop earrings. This new take on a classic jewelry trend is fun because it opens the door for your personal creativity to shine through. 

#4: Signet Rings

Signet rings come with a long history of practical use. In ancient times, royalty and politicians used to seal official documents and envelopes with wax, using their signet rings to imprint a unique personalized signature. No longer considered a royal accessory, now signet rings are all the rage for everyone and anyone, with good reason. They’re the perfect addition to a ring collection, either as a chunky part of a multi-finger collection or a delicate pinky ring worn on its own. Today, you can find signet rings with delicate engravings, studded with gemstones, or decorated with brightly colored enamel. 


This beautiful signet ring was hand-engraved with the owner's initials in a monogram design.

#5: Oversized Statement Earrings

Whether you’re wearing hoops, studs, or sequinned drop earrings, oversized is in. Oversized earrings are an easy and effective way to instantly elevate an outfit. Pop on a pair of huge hoops to make your jeans and a sweater combo look more intentional and interesting, or add some gigantic studs to make a simple dress with a demure silhouette more daring and bold.  

#6: Funky Acrylics 

The abstract, funky shapes that were popular in the ‘60s and ‘70s have made their way back in the form of acrylic jewelry. This trend features bright colors in chunky rings, earrings, and pendants, and it’s about as playful as it gets. Think bubble letter charms, loopy floral patterns, and neon, highlighter hues; it’s almost as if a classic candy store jumped into jewelry form. You can add a bright, fun, acrylic piece to any outfit to give it a pop of whimsy. 

#7: Pearls 

It’s time to pile on the pearls. They’re a vintage classic (dating back to ancient times) that you can find embedded into gold cuff bracelets, tied onto string necklaces, or set into interesting rings. While pearls never truly went out of style, they’re experiencing a resurgence these days. They used to be the pinnacle of sophisticated jewelry, but they’re starting to be incorporated into jewelry in fun, spirited ways that are more accessible. Wear a pearl choker necklace or a bracelet threaded with a blend of pearls and colorful beads. There’s no wrong way to wear pearls anymore.


No matter how you decide to wear these vintage-inspired retro jewelry trends, be sure to get the most out of your pieces by making sure they suit your personal style. Resize your signet ring for the perfect fit, get a new enamel coating on your charms to spice them up, or find a new colorful gemstone for your cocktail ring. The experts at Quick Jewelry Repairs can help you turn your favorite jewelry into the on-trend looks you just need to wear now.

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